Thursday October 23, 2014

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  • A synthetic ice rink will be installed on Rotary Plaza in front of the CUplex for year-round skating. What is your opinion on the upcoming artificial ice surface?
  • Total Votes: 50

  • Poll from 10/13/2014 to 10/20/2014
  • The provincial government has announced the new Saskatchewan Hospital project is ready for the Request for Proposals stage. In response, CUPE has scheduled a town hall meeting regarding the P3 aspect of the plan.
  • Total Votes: 77
  • Poll from 10/6/2014 to 10/13/2014
  • With Thanksigiving around the corner, what is your favourite holiday meal?
  • Total Votes: 120
  • Poll from 09/29/2014 to 10/6/2014
  • A recent consultants report has suggested amalgamating the management of the North Battleford and Battleford fire departments. What do you think of this idea?
  • Total Votes: 136
  • Poll from 09/22/2014 to 09/29/2014
  • As the referendum in Scotland saw voters say no to independence, first minister Alex Salmond said, "As leader my time is nearly over but for Scotland the campaign continues and the dream shall never die." Do you see another referendum in the future?
  • Total Votes: 43
  • Poll from 09/15/2014 to 09/22/2014
  • Riders quarterback Darian Durant announced on Twitter that he is likely to miss the remainder of the CFL season with an elbow injury. How will the Riders do in his absence?
  • Total Votes: 80
  • Poll from 09/8/2014 to 09/15/2014
  • Various celebrity iCloud accounts were recently hacked resulting in nude photos being leaked onto the Internet. What is your opinion about the incident?
  • Total Votes: 79
  • Poll from 09/1/2014 to 09/8/2014
  • The RCMP Daily Report is an indication of how much time and paperwork is spent on dealing with intoxicated individuals and groups. It's been suggested a detox centre, with counselling and referral services, would be a better solution than the 'drunk tank.
  • Total Votes: 147
  • Poll from 08/25/2014 to 09/1/2014
  • The City of North Battleford has approved its Official Community Plan, despite concerns by the Battlefords Chamber of Commerce that its downtown focus will be detrimental to other areas of business. What do you think?
  • Total Votes: 67
  • Poll from 08/18/2014 to 08/25/2014
  • A recent Troy Media column by Nicole Letourneau and Justine Joschko of Evidence reassures parents of young children they have nothing to fear from video games. How do you ensure your child’s screen time is kept within safe limits?
  • Total Votes: 50
  • Poll from 08/11/2014 to 08/18/2014
  • Do you feel the out-of-town news media have been too hard on North Battleford?
  • Total Votes: 158

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Survey results are meant for general information only, and are not based on recognised statistical methods.



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