Friday October 31, 2014

Sometimes it’s just all good


Sometimes life holds such lovely surprises; take this past Friday afternoon, for example. My eyes glued to the computer monitor and the larger part of my anatomy glued to my computer chair, I raced against the clock to meet several writing deadlines. In a rare but seemingly unavoidable attempt to retain my sanity, I emailed my editor and asked it if was possible to have an extension on my deadline. “Even a few hours,” I suggested.

As I watched the “you have email” icon pop up almost immediately I knew the news was bad…or maybe, good. It was the latter to the extreme. “Those pieces aren’t due until next week,” she wrote. That’s when I remembered suggesting an early deadline to myself so that I could have some dedicated gardening hours the following week. My eyeballs relaxed and I peeled myself off the upholstery then headed to the kitchen for a cup of tea. That’s when the phone rang. Again.

“Words of Worth, Linda here,” I answered. It was the voice of a friend wondering if Hubbie and I would like to join them on their boat for supper. Great thanks ascended from my lips for the order in which these events occurred! Sometimes it’s just all good.

I stole extra hours in the garden on Saturday morning, watched our second eldest granddaughter receive a major award on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the evening with family. Watching our two year old granddaughter help Grandpa water the garden defies monetary value. After soaking herself from head to foot (the cement sidewalk was also well watered), her dad wrapped her up in one of Grandma’s cozy shirts then Lucy and I played with dolls until the evening ended.

“How precious is Your loving kindness, O God!” Psalm 36:7

It’s not always spectacular; sometimes it’s simply, all good.



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