Friday November 21, 2014

High school students reward their father’s hard work


Fatherís day has come and gone, but the love for the men who raised you has not. The thing that makes fatherís day so special is that it is a time to acknowledge how grateful you are for their hard work.

Gordon F Kells High School did just that last Friday, June 15th as they hosted a lovely breakfast for all dads.

Students celebrated their fathers by bringing them to enjoy pancakes at an event hosted by the teen council. Members of the teen council shopped for groceries and cooked the feast with little help, waking up extra early to do so.

The meal included unlimited pancakes, sausages and juice, and a wide range of fathers and kids dressed in funky ties.

The joke around the table was that fatherís day should have been held ďbarbarianĒ style, as the search for the tongs began, and the guests gathered up their sausages.

Some of the teachers even chose to bring their own children to celebrate, making the event an all ages gathering.

Teen council supervisor and teacher, Amy Rutten couldnít be more impressed with the students who worked towards making this event a success.

Each person entered their name into a draw for a mystery door prize. At the end of the breakfast names were pulled from a box and three lucky winners went home with Dairy Queen gift cards and movie passes donated by Ray Boutin, who actually won the draw.

ďI donít think Ray actually needs a pass to go to his own drive-in,Ē laughed Rutten.

Overall the event was a raging success, and student volunteers cleaned up the whole thing during their first period classes. Of course that was only the ones who didnít have a class that was important to the upcoming exams!



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