Monday October 20, 2014


I am the founder of National Postal Workers Day. The day was founded in 1997 when I was a postal employee in the Seattle area. With the support of USPS Senior Management, I was able to secure July 1st, 1997 as the first day and year in which it was observed. I have since left USPS for GSA but continue to be proud of my years with USPS as well as all postal employees since its beginning and am especially proud that I was able to do something to elevate awareness regarding the impact that postal employees have and continue to have in terms of serving our nation., Said Richard E. Baker, founder of National Postal Worker's Day in the U.S posted on an archive for the Smithsonian website recently.

Canada does not have a national day to appreciate the dedicated postal workers who serve the community each day. Citizens often give a card or small gift to their mail carriers at Christmas, but often forget about the workers behind the scenes or sitting at the desks.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is what supports the inside workers such as postal clerks and mail handlers, the outside workers who are the letter carriers and motorized service carriers, but also includes technical and general labourers such as mechanics, electronic technicians and electricians. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers also represents workers outside of Canada Post such as cleaners, couriers, drivers, warehouse workers, paramedics, emergency medical dispatchers, printers and other workers.

In Carlyle, there are several people needed to keep our post office and mailing system working.

So dont forget to thank the people who get you your mail, and make your families happy as they receive their birthday and Christmas cards in their doors.



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