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Agreeing with abortion article


I must commend Jessica Mees for writing her “abortion piece” (June 29, 2012). While many people, in fact I would say most people, steer a far away from this topic, it is certainly a subject that should be debated. So, congratulations, Jessica! Unlike our Prime Minister, you have shown much courage in raising this debate.

Jessica’s views are well in tune with exactly what the pro-abortion lobby would have us believe. While she is certainly entitled to her opinions, I hate to see them based on misinformation.

The term “anti-choice” is a misnomer. I, along with thousands of other Canadians, much prefer to be labeled “pro-life”. We firmly believe that all human life is sacred and should be protected and respected from the moment of conception to natural death. The unborn baby is not just the result of “a broken condom”. He/she is a human being completely different from his/ her mother. All the baby needs is time and nourishment to grow.

Jessica stated that she is “not pro using the abortion clinics as a form of birth control”. However, of the over 110,000 abortions committed in Canada each year (Reported abortion statistics are not complete.), over 95% are done just for that purpose! So it is apparent that abortions are committed not as so many think to protect the life and health of the mother, but to protect our contraceptive lifestyles and ensure that sex without responsibility continues to be available! Ah! But you say, “What about the hard cases?” (i.e. A baby conceived as a result of rape or incest) This baby is innocent. Killing this baby will not erase the memory of this horrific crime and will not bring the perpetrator to justice. Killing this baby is one more act of violence. This baby’s rights do not trump that of his/her mother, but should certainly be equal. As a society, we need to support both mother and child. Why can’t we love them both?

“Legalizing” abortions did not make them “safe” abortions! (By the way, Canada is in the less than illustrious position of having no abortion law at all. Babies in the womb can and are killed for any reason during the entire nine months of pregnancy.) It is the advent of antibiotics and the refinement of the procedure that made abortion safer for the mother. Post-abortive women still suffer from many complications such as uterine perforations, hemorrhage and depression. It is interesting to note that data from the United Nations has shown that countries with laws protecting the life of the unborn (e.g. Poland and Ireland) also enjoy lower rates of maternal mortality than countries where abortion is legal (e.g. Russia and the United States).

I agree. Adoption does exist for a reason. However, it is illogical to assume that couples that want to adopt a child will automatically opt for an older child when newborns are not available. There is currently a desperate shortage of newborn babies available for adoption in Canada. Couples can wait up to 10 years for a newborn to become available.

Yes, Jessica, I do oppose the current “free sex” mentality in our society. I think we are selling our young people short by assuming they have no control over their sexual appetites. Chastity is a model to which we should all subscribe especially in light of the exposure to all those ugly, dangerous sexually transmitted diseases out there.

Abortion is not the simple, trouble-free procedure we are led to believe. It should not be dismissed as a respectable and reasonable solution to a difficult pregnancy

Yours truly,

Colleen Reed

Kenosee Lake



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