Saturday November 29, 2014

New budgeting concerns and water issues


The Carlyle town council meeting held on July 18 addressed a number of matters affecting the town.

They discussed how their dust control initiative was doing, with the verdict being very well. It is both aesthetically appealing and is doing its job.

Flower beds in Centennial Park are almost completely weeded and are looking much better.

Three manholes are meant to be lowered in the future as they are currently causing a small issue for people.

The discussion to continue cutting the grass along the rail line was agreed to continue, as it looks better and is safer. Whether to bill CN for the cutting of the grass or not is still to be determined. CN does cut the grass, but has acknowledged it is not as often as town council would like it to be cut. One idea to have a mutually beneficial relationship would be for CN to fence in an area that could be used for a dog park. Discussion is to come between town council and CN concerning this matter.

Town council was visited by Sergei Sinicin of Weyburn from iSpy Advertising Ltd. He approached the council to ask about establishing a billboard corridor due to interest in the area on the east and west sides of town along number 13 highway. Since there is interest the council decided to provide names of possible land owners who would be in the right area for these signs to be built. After a site is found they have agreed to submit a joint proposal with the R.M. for the billboards to be put up to Sask Highways.

The Carlyle Has It signs at the southern and western entrances of towns were discussed. A decision was not made as to fix or remove them, but both will be considered by the council as they are in disrepair.

Three equipment purchases will be under consideration for the New Year. These are a payloader, mowers, and street sweepers. Mowers were looked at, but it was decided that they could withstand the summer and wait for the new budget since they had not been included in the current one.

The town council has decided to meet with SunCountry for a meeting in September to discuss a few concerns of the area.

The town sign which was hit by a semi-truck will cost between $6,000 and $10,000 to fix as there is structural damage done. It was also suggested by the person who appraised it to build a guard rail around the sign at bumper height once fixed to prevent further damage.

A no left turn policy for large trucks was discussed for trucks coming off the highway and wanting to take a left immediately onto the service road. The issue will be looked at further to decipher the best way to proceed with the matter.

The Carlyle and RM no. 63 Fire Protection Board met on June 5 stating that they have altered the penalty to a false call from a monitor alarm system. The first call will be followed by a letter stating that any further false calls will be followed by a bill for a one hour service call.

Andy Dobson, Director of Facilities, was contacted previously to the meeting concerning the day care. They were told to ask the ministry to set up a portable site made out of individual modules. This would be beneficial because the elementary school, in the next six to 10 years, hopes to be a part of the high school. This would leave the elementary school’s location available for the day care, so the town intends to inquire about a portable site that the day care could be placed in until that time.

The Romaniuk Sewer Main is working well.

A complaint by Derrick Edwards concerning the boulevard next to his house was discussed and the decision was made to bring in soil to level off the area, which should fix the water problem.

Carlyle Pentacostal Assembly asked for its taxes to be cancelled. Since it is both a church and residential it was decided to wave all municipal taxes except for the residential tax.

The RCMP rates will go up significantly next year. It is an eight percent increase, but because of the population in the area the amount jumps by 20.6 percent this year and another 10 percent next year.

The town council has acknowledged that there are new pool operational standards and regulations, which will need to be explained and enforced.

They have decided to go forward with inquiring into a survey that would be aimed at business retention and expansion.

Taxervice proposed to do all tax enforcement, but the town decided it did not need an outside company to deal with this issue.

Speed bumps were discussed along Carlyle Avenue, but after discussion it was decided not to put them in as, in their opinion, they often do not work as intended.

An issue with water for Colleen Scammell will be assessed further. They will decide between pumping the area or installing a culvert for the area to drain.

Concern over not having a flag in the West Park was expressed. The flags had been ordered, but have not arrived. They were disappointed to be missing the flags on Canada day and will look into why they have not arrived as of yet.

Coming to a close they had made decisions as well as created more discussion points for next meeting after further research into the projects were done.



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