Friday November 28, 2014

Counselling, computers and cars


I canít imagine having any other job than the one I have. Although, like anything else, it has its challenges and stresses, being a writer is my idea of the ideal career. Take this past week, for instance: Of the six business feature articles I was assigned, I got to speak with people from six totally different service or product providers.

There was the highly successful business owner who took a job with a company that offers products and training for some of the most sophisticated technology that Iíve ever heard about. In her own words she fell in love with it all and ended up buying the company. I admit I learned enough to write the story but I donít know if I could ever wrap my head around all the concepts and horizons that come with the expertise she described.

From computers and audio and video skills I chatted with representatives of an auto body shop. Itís no secret that there are lots of auto repair shops around but it was the nearly perfect scores their customers have given them for quality work and customer care that netted them their third major award, recognition they deserved . There was passion in these guysí voices Ė and it was just as much about concern for their customersí needs as it was about fixing fenders.

Then there was the certified clinical technician who was moving her counselling centre to a new location. It wasnít her first move, though. In fact it was her decision to move on past a diagnosis sheíd received herself that motivated her to overcome her challenges and in the process, help others do the same.

This week I learned that God is glorified through technology, auto repair, medical practices or writing. The secret is to do all things with Him in mind.



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