Friday July 25, 2014


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Those crime severity stats give us a headache

The summer had been swimming along nicely. The sun finally came out and gardens began to flourish. There was a baby boy born in Calgary who will someday call me Mormor. There was another baby born in Cold Lake, Alta. when he was supposed to be...


Six months to send the province a clear message

Last week the City of North Battleford announced two new community safety officers are being...

Are you making it easy for the criminals?

Can you spot a common theme in these excerpts from the North Battleford RCMPís daily reports?6:13 a....

Would you take a driversí test after 40 years of driving?

Recent reports indicate new Saskatchewan drivers are having a difficult time passing SGIís driversí ...

Man goes missing

It is difficult to imagine the anguish of a family who has lost a loved one.That is the situation...

Time for Battleford to turn blue

North Battleford’s blue bins now line every street on pick-up days. In Battleford, where...

On the slippery slope to the winter solstice

Now that weíve had summer. What you missed it? It was a Saturday, probably May 31. Yeah the weather ...


American (ir)relevance in the New World Order

In the midst of a series of global crises, American President Barack Obama spoke at a Democratic...

What about all the other wrecks?

As I write this, the Costa Concordia has been refloated and should be on its way to Genoa for...

Little guys or big folks, all rather talk than listen

Ed, my neighbour next door, noted I was leaving the house at 8 a.m. every day last week. He was...

Too much house

Buying a new home is an important lifestyle choice ó you decide where you want to live based on the ...

Turf wars

Although summer this year has been slow to produce any real heat, I am relatively sure it will come....

Telling tales is human but politicians shouldn't overdo it

From the first tale told by our ancestors sitting around a fire somewhere in Africa millions of...


Programs support injured veterans

Invitation to Wounded Warriors Weekend 2014

A voice in the wilderness

Iím not that guy

Drivers could use a refresher course

It’s all about the money

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