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What happened to all the trash talk?

Iíve been wondering what happened to all the hysteria over the City of North Battlefordís garbage disposal program. When the switch to rollout curbside pickup was made in April there was lively speculation about the city languishing under a...


We miss hearing from you

We so miss hearing from you. We know letter writing has become old fashioned, but letters to the...

Time saved, could be time killed

The speed limit on Saskatchewanís twinned highways is set at 110 km/h, but few people actually...

Those crime severity stats give us a headache

The summer had been swimming along nicely. The sun finally came out and gardens began to flourish....

Six months to send the province a clear message

Last week the City of North Battleford announced two new community safety officers are being...

Are you making it easy for the criminals?

Can you spot a common theme in these excerpts from the North Battleford RCMPís daily reports?6:13 a....

Would you take a driversí test after 40 years of driving?

Recent reports indicate new Saskatchewan drivers are having a difficult time passing SGIís driversí ...


Worker choice would help put Ontario back on track

Ontario, once Canada's flourishing economic and manufacturing hub, is in steady decline, with slow...

Group insurance and group benefits: know what you have and what you donít have

If youíre an employer or an employee, group insurance is a good thing. For employers, a group...

Interest rates and debt about to catch fire

The era of low interest rates may be coming to an end.While interest rates have remained at...

Sex, lies and physician supply

Among the many reasons offered for why many Canadians are increasingly facing difficulties finding...

Burger King/Tim Hortons deal a reminder that business taxes matter

News that Burger King and Tim Hortons are merging and that the new company will be headquartered in ...

Archeology in our son's toy box

It was late, late at night. My wife had long since gone to bed. Yet here I was, conducting what I...


Downtown needs to clean up the pigeon mess

An opportunity to help others

Tax money not repairing roads

Ag. Society a valuable asset

Perhaps the whole barrel is rotten

WDM appreciates support

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