Tuesday November 25, 2014


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Agriculture flourishing in the free market

Dear Editor, Glen Tait and his NDP buddies continue to spread mistruths – but fortunately, farmers aren’t buying into their rhetoric (Farmers are not happy in post-CWB era, Regional Optimist, Nov. 13). Farmers have embraced the marketing...


Laurier on John A.: ‘A devotion to Canada’s welfare, Canada’s advancement and Canada’s glory’

Nov. 20 is Sir Wilfrid Laurier Day across Canada thanks to an Act of Parliament. It is the annual...

And how are the children?

Canada declares Nov. 20 National Child Day. What does this mean for us? It is a day to take a step...

Farmers are not happy with post CWB era

Dear Editor Just how delusional is our MP Gerry Ritz? He says that, “... our government...

Liquor survey an exercise in misdirection

Dear Editor The Sask. Party has created a survey request, supposedly to give direction to the...

Farmers have spoken on CWB

Dear Editor Regarding, “Farmers just want answers" (Regional Optimist Oct. 16), our...

National palliative care strategy trumps euthenasia

Dear Editor On the surface, it sounds reasonable and harmless. Shouldn’t a terminally ill...

What life is unworthy of protection?

Donation honours Aulingers

Use ER for real emergencies

Private MRI not the solution

A matter of priorities

Ya, baby! Go Stars Go

Say thank you while you can

Give answers, don’t attack farmers

An improved view

Credit unions want competitive balance

Sun is best nuclear fusion plant

Reminder of thanks

Thoughts on the next federal election

Smoke alarms double survival rates

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