Friday October 31, 2014


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Use ER for real emergencies

Dear Editor Recently, I was in the Battlefords Union Hospital emergency room. I noticed many patients that were waiting in the emergency room were not truly there for an emergency. The emergency room should not be used for minor problems....


Small business doesn’t trust big business? Not my problem …

Dear Editor In a recent letter to the editor, (“Scrap costly, confusing new recycling tax”...

Private MRI not the solution

Dear Editor Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is once again contemplating rewarding his friends by...

A matter of priorities

Dear Editor I attended a concert at the Dekker Centre last Saturday evening. The group was...

Small biz urges Sask. government to scrap costly, confusing new recycling tax

Six months ago, when we at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business started receiving dozens ...

Ya, baby! Go Stars Go

Dear Editor What would we do without hockey in our community? Hockey season is upon us once...

Say thank you while you can

Dear Editor "Feeling gratitude for something and not expressing it is like wrapping a present...

Give answers, don’t attack farmers

An improved view

Credit unions want competitive balance

Sun is best nuclear fusion plant

Reminder of thanks

Thoughts on the next federal election

Smoke alarms double survival rates

Gardens a privilege, not a bother

Quickly burying a dead skunk

Walkways? What about the streets?

Randam act of kindness

An opportunity to be heard

Bouquet for museum staff

An opportunity to help others

Tax money not repairing roads

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