Monday October 20, 2014


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Give answers, don’t attack farmers

Dear Editor It’s quite comical to see Minister Ritz’s staff try to belittle anyone who has an opinion contrary to the minister or anyone who tries to get some information out of the minister. Case in point is the recent attack on...


An improved view

A sincere thank you to our "rural" neighbours who took the time out of their busy harvest season to ...

Credit unions want competitive balance

Dear Editor With federal budget preparations underway, there is a lot of debate about the best...

Sun is best nuclear fusion plant

Dear Editor I watched Premier Wall’s recent speech as he opened the carbon capture and...

Reminder of thanks

Getting closer and closer to that time of year, people are remembering many of the things they are...

University tuition discouraging students

Dear Editor The price of a university education in Saskatchewan jumped more than anywhere else...

Thoughts on the next federal election

Dear Editor The system for federal elections in the U.S. is a lot different than what the...

Smoke alarms double survival rates

Gardens a privilege, not a bother

Quickly burying a dead skunk

Walkways? What about the streets?

Randam act of kindness

An opportunity to be heard

Bouquet for museum staff

An opportunity to help others

Tax money not repairing roads

Ag. Society a valuable asset

Perhaps the whole barrel is rotten

Put an end to phoney majorities

WDM appreciates support

Biggest bat in Canada to be unveiled

Customer satisfaction

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