Friday July 11, 2014

  • Something for everyone at Stoughton Daze

    Lining Main Street in Stoughton on Saturday, July 5, were a mass of vehicles, adults, and excited children awaiting the parade for Stoughton Daze.
    The night before, however, saw 53 people come out to enjoy a Texas Scramble tournament at the Stoughton

  • Boogie Fest rumbles to another successful year

    Skull caps, bandanas, and leathers were plentiful over the weekend with people flocking to Carlyle on Friday, June 20, and Saturday, June 21, for the 13th annual Boogie Fest.
    The rumbling of bikes could be felt and heard well before their arrival.

  • Clara Hughes makes impression on Carlyle

    Excitement was in the air on Wednesday, June 11, and Thursday, June 12, within Carlyle. After all it’s not every day Olympic medalists come rolling through.
    Clara Hughes, six time Canadian Olympic medalist in both speed skating and cycling, was joined

Top Headlines

Weekly RCMP report

The Carlyle detachment of the RCMP received 73 calls to service throughout the week of June 27 and...

Memories: Elizabeth Debusschere

Editor’s note: Though this feature has been cancelled, we will print this one and another final...

Maryfield Fair celebrating 99 years

Ninety-nine years is an accomplishment of great magnitude and this year the Maryfield Fair marks...

Kisbey Canada Day BBQ entertains

The rain subsided and brought forth a sunny Canada Day, which was enjoyed by all. Found at Kisbey...

Cornerstone Community Planning update

The councillors of the Town of Carlyle met on Wednesday, July 2, to address numerous topics...

Jody Mills talks poop and encourages use of FIT test

In the fall of 2012 Jody Mills received a letter in the mail, it was from the Saskatchewan...

MP Dean Del Mastro loses cool on witness stand at election overspending trial

Bail granted to person of interest in missing boy, grandparents case

Kenney to consider local exemptions to TFW program after provincial complaints

The latest changes to Canada's sanctions list in Russia and Ukraine

Only Ontario can to permit logging on aboriginal lands, Supreme Court rules

Via Rail says train service resuming on Toronto-Montreal route

Recent News

Manor Fun Daze coming July 19

For the past 35 years, Manor has been home to a Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event. This year...

Golf Saskatchewan enjoys its time in the Moose Mountains

Last weekend 26 Saskatchewan women gathered in Moose Mountain Provincial Park at Golf Kenosee where ...

The temperature of a town

There were days this past winter when I wondered, aloud, if perhaps I had been mistakenly born in...

Sad to see the Memories features go

I have been doing Memories articles for awhile and sadly we have had to let them go. I would like...

We’re praying for you

It's hard to find a funny or even light-hearted topic for this week's offering. I can think of some ...

The struggle with glory and the promise of hope

Some strive for it with a fanaticism; some take short cuts and cheat to get it. But that is all for ...


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