Friday October 31, 2014

  • Stop, drop, and educate

    Students from St. Augustine Elementary School were able to participate in a week's worth of fun-filled activities for the school's Education Week from Oct. 20-24.

  • Banding together against fear in Ottawa

    The tragedy that struck the nation during last week's shooting in Ottawa reverberated across the country as federal representatives were forced to barricade against the threat.

  • Author brings WWI internment camps to light

    Saskatoon author Barbara Sapergia came to Humboldt to talk about her new book, Blood and Salt, which centres on the internment of about 8,500 people – most of them Ukrainian-Canadians - during WWI.

Top Headlines

All it takes is a little curling confidence

By Melanie JacobJournal Editor If hard work, a lot of talent, and that try-try-again mentality is...

Wassill’s water ski wins and a lifetime of success

By Melanie JacobJournal Editor Considering the extensive athletic career he’s led,...

Look, but don't touch ... except for today

By Melanie JacobJournal Editor On Oct. 25, the Humboldt & District Museum gave residents the...

Ejection seat and plane in bite-sized display

By Melanie JacobJournal Editor It’s a story that’s been told before, and yet...

Lingering lagoon odours soon to disperse

By Melanie JacobJournal Editor The terrible odours wafting through parts of town should hopefully...

Fire department enjoying new training and new tech

By Melanie JacobJournal Editor There are a few new things the Humboldt Fire Department has to be...

Sweeping into the Sports Hall of Fame

By Melanie JacobJournal EditorAfter more than 30 years filled with success, the Bruno Axemen...

Ozzie's legacy to be commemorated in the Hall of Fame

By Melanie JacobJournal If there were one person actively involved ...

HCI takes second in volleyball tournament

Ten high school volleyball teams congregated at Humboldt Collegiate Institute for the annual...

Sports Hall of Fame inductees chosen

By Melanie JacobJournal With nominations over, the Humboldt Sports ...

Broncos break out buffet for the community

By Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff The Humboldt Broncos...

Broncos teach the next generation of athletes

by Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff Writerrtarnowetzki@humboldtjournal.caThe sun is still hot and the ...

Local Sports

Top of the judges' pick

By Melanie JacobJournal Out of all the judges in Canada, Jocelyn...

Participants dive right into summer program

By Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff It’s almost the...

Broncos moving in on new bench boss

By Kelly FriesenJournal The Humboldt Broncos have made major...

Recent News

Leaving behind a legacy

By Melanie JacobJournal Editor...

Patron Appreciation Day highlights lesser-known library services

by Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff Writer As ...

Ukrainian dance club brings more culture to the region

by Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff WriterIt’s been a few months...

Culvert cuts flooding at highway junction

By Melanie JacobJournal

Judge convicts MP Dean Del Mastro on campaign overspending charges

LINDSAY, Ont. - Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, once a political pitbull who defended his...

Harper's announces third China trip next week, before Remembrance Day

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced plans for his third visit to China, set to...


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