Monday September 22, 2014


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Is it time to review what graduation means

Two of the targets for K-12 education laid out in the provincial government’s Plan for Growth are to reduce the gap in graduation rates between aboriginal and non-aboriginal students by 50 per cent and to lead the country in Grade 12 graduation...


Journalists do important work

The media. It’s a term often spat out with derision and disgust. According to,...

What happened to all the trash talk?

I’ve been wondering what happened to all the hysteria over the City of North Battleford’s garbage...

We miss hearing from you

We so miss hearing from you. We know letter writing has become old fashioned, but letters to the...

Time saved, could be time killed

The speed limit on Saskatchewan’s twinned highways is set at 110 km/h, but few people actually...

Those crime severity stats give us a headache

The summer had been swimming along nicely. The sun finally came out and gardens began to flourish....

Six months to send the province a clear message

Last week the City of North Battleford announced two new community safety officers are being...


Too many Canadians falling through emergency room cracks

Television shows have popularized the theatrical entrance into the hospital emergency room:...

Keep the tax credits but remove all political restrictions

National Post columnist Andrew Coyne recently wrote a column in which he presents a solution to the ...

Where did the CWB suits find all that cash?

I have spent the whole week last week holding my breath that I would not wake up to snow or heavy...

September is too late for any yard sale success

Ed, my neighbour next door, has been getting cranked up for harvesting and bubbling over with...

More Fitbit than tricorder, but here’s hoping for version 2

We were wandering through WalMart the other day when something caught my eye. There, on an ever-...

Toronto's municipal election is about more than just the Fords

Having gone through a spring provincial election, Ontario is once again in election mode – this...


Walkways? What about the streets?

Randam act of kindness

An opportunity to be heard

Biweekly pickup results in ‘too full’ frustration

Bouquet for museum staff

Downtown needs to clean up the pigeon mess

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