Thursday April 24, 2014


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A brilliant balance of sarcasm and serious

Dear Editor I just finished reading Brian Zinchuk`s article, "The gun kooks were right" (Regional Optimist, April 17) and I have to say that I thought it was brilliant. I found it to have just the right balance between a sarcastic "I told you so, ...


How do you define ‘kook?’

Dear Editor I'm a kook? I am curious as to why someone would make such an insulting...

Crashing Credenda short sighted

Dear Editor Imagine you are a First Nation student in Black Lake and an aspiring engineer. In a...

Closure of Cereal Research Centre part of federal UPOV 91 agenda

The Cereal Research Centre is being closed this month, marking the end of nearly a century of...

Congratulations to OUR Battlefords North Stars

Dear Editor To say this would be an epic year for our North Stars would not be an understatement....

Bravo to the music festival

Dear Editor As a recent visitor to North Battleford, I had the opportunity to attend the longest ...

Blood services volunteers lauded

Dear Editor During National Volunteer Week (April 6-12), Canadian Blood Services thanks...

Abandoning pets a coward’s way out

Efficiencies can be costly

Protocol dangerous to patients

Central Butte celebrates centennial

A little humility, President Obama

Rollout system full of holes

Marketing talk mostly hot air

Notable addition

Farmers reject Ritz’s puppets

Direct wrath at own government

Serviceman interred in NB cemetery

When does the fun start?

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