Saturday October 25, 2014

First Person

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I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

Ghosts always fascinated me when I was growing up. They still do. I remember buying books from the school book fairs explaining, in a child-friendly manner, supernatural events from around the world. I’m not sure what grasped my interest – the

First Person

Stepping underneath the big top

“Send in the clowns” is something that I rarely say, unless it’s singing along to Krusty the Clown...

Rodeo clown not as easy a job as it seemed

A staple of family road trips growing up was my dad playing the Garth Brooks greatest hits CD. One...

Stuffed frogs bring out the kids in all of us

Today, I’m devoting this entire First Person story to frogs. Exciting stuff. Those of you...

Downtown shopping spree

Much has been said over the past several months about efforts to revive the downtown district....

Going over the edge for Easter Seals

Like so many difficult things in life, the hardest part of rappelling down a 230-foot building as...

Riding along on a recycling adventure

As part of this series of first person adventures into the unknown, I have been known to take some...

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