Thursday July 31, 2014

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High court warns against 'Mr. Big' stings, says they're presumed inadmissible

OTTAWA - Confessions extracted through so-called Mr. Big police sting operations tend to produce unreliable confessions, are open to abuses and must be presumed inadmissible in court, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday....

posted: July 31,2014

National News

Convicted serial killer Charles Kembo loses appeal in B.C.'s highest court

VANCOUVER - A government-sponsored refugee who was found guilty on four counts of first-degree murder has lost his appeal in British Columbia's highest court....

FactBox: Some prominent cases featuring Mr. Big stings

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday that confessions extracted through so-called Mr. Big police sting operations tend to produce unreliable confessions and are open to abuses. The investigative technique involves undercover police...

Cyberattack breached system holding personal data: privacy watchdog

OTTAWA - Hackers who targeted Canada's National Research Council infiltrated a system containing personal information, the federal privacy czar says....

Toronto-bound lanes of QEW shut down due to dump truck collision

BURLINGTON, Ont. - Part of a major highway in the Toronto area could be closed for days after a dump truck struck scaffolding on a bridge Thursday, bringing rush-hour traffic to a standstill....

DND warned navy supply ships' electrical system might be 'dangerous and unsafe'

OTTAWA - National Defence was warned a year before the devastating fire aboard HMCS Protecteur that the electrical system, main engine controls and navigation system aboard both of the navy's supply ships were on their last legs — and...

Raitt tight-lipped on whether she'll consider a bid to lead Ontario's Tories

TORONTO - Transport Minister Lisa Raitt remains tight-lipped on whether she's considering a potential bid to lead Ontario's Progressive Conservatives....

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