Monday September 15, 2014


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Too many peaches

The waitress showed us to our table and immediately launched into an apology to tell us they had run out of their famous strawberry pie. Judging from the relieved look on her face when we assured her it wasnít a problem it was clear she had taken...


In a hurry behind the wheel

Why are so many people in a hurry while driving? I find the majority of people travelling along Hwy ...

She knew me

As my gaze lingered on the family members gathered at the gravesite it wasnít just the heat of the...

Time will tell

Time Magazine described it as "The Year That Changed the World". A bold statement considering the...

Itís volleyball

Last week I was given the opportunity to take a couple days off from work and with that I decided...

There are no shortcuts

For those who imagined, designed and built the first motorized vehicles you have to wonder what...

Reaching for dreams

Iíve always struggled with what I want to do with my life. I kind of just fell into reporting,...

No seafoam green dress

Family farm labour laws

I went to camp

The tale of a twist tie

Conspiracy theories

Itís about showing up

Thoughts on rodeos

Drone images produce unique photos

The temperature of a town

Sunday drives and ice cream


Better than a goldfish?

A problem with living rurally

Judging record books

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