Thursday April 24, 2014


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CWB adapting to new world order

The demise of the Canadian Wheat Board forecast by its biggest supporters if single-desk selling powers were to be stripped away seems to have been a bit overly dramatic. Of course those who believed the end of single-desk selling would be the...


Controlling potential flooding

While the threat of this year’s spring snowmelt causing much more than some localized flooding...

Shamed players deserve presence in Hall

Shoeless Joe Jackson isn’t in the Baseball Hall of Fame because of his involvement with the Black...

Genetically modified crops

In a spring when a record Canadian crop seems landlocked by a struggling grain handling system ill-...

The Holy Grail for prairie farmers

If there is a Holy Grail for Canadian Prairie farmers it is probably the 100-bushel wheat crop....

Changes in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The role of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is changing to the point I suspect most will...

Rail system unable to deal with grain export

If there is one issue weighing heavily on Prairie farmers this winter, even more than the...

Maurice has given Jets’ fans hope

Delaet’s pro golf stock on the rise

Government’s role in agriculture

Canada has a new tennis darling

Canada’s plans to sign on to UPOV

Getting crops exported a concern


Growing need for food banks

Canadian snowboarder lands a Kardashian

Western Producer celebrating 90 years

Yes, 2103 was a funny year

We can only hope 2014 will be like 2013

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