Tuesday September 23, 2014


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Don’t forget

I read about a couple who’d eaten lunch at a roadside diner. After they’d left and travelled a fair distance down the road the woman realized she’d forgotten her glasses. Her husband turned the car around and headed back, complaining all the way....


Report from God

A woman sees a fortune teller. Peering into a crystal ball, the mystic delivers grave news....

It’s all about the numbers

Not only are we a society that counts on technology to turn our lights on and off, ensure that the...

Finding joy when the glass is empty

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain. --Emily Dickinson  There is...

Crafted by the Master’s hand

I’m always amazed at how a pile of lumber becomes a monument of usefulness and sometimes, outright...

The Lord must be in New York City

On a recent family trip to New York I had the viewpoint from the rear of the Honda Odyssey. As...

Be on the winning team

As I write this article there's an important football game being played. One side has promised to...

All around it’s changing

The secret of a lasting marriage

Making it happen

Sorting it all out

God gives us mulligans

How God plays peek-a-boo with us

It was just one thing

God is a Poet who whispers of love

So let the sunshine it

Gloom, despair and agony on me

We’re praying for you

Watch out for deceivers

What song shall I sing?

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  • With the recent snowfall in parts of Alberta and it only being September, are you worried about having another cold, snowy winter this year?
  • Yes!
  • 43%
  • Somewhat concerned
  • 5%
  • No, we live in Canada
  • 52%
  • Total Votes: 21



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