Friday April 25, 2014

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A dream stitched together

“One more for the pile!” a woman exclaims as she places a newly sewed dress on top of a table,...

Carlyle Home Hardware wins award, again

For the second time in a row Carlyle Home Hardware has received the Proud of my Home Award and...

G.F. Kells takes part in Eco-Month

Gracie Schutz, grade eight student at G.F. Kells, took on a tremendous amount of responsibility...

Smoke ‘Em Diesel comes to Carlyle

Smoke ‘Em Diesel outside of Regina have built a name for themselves in the community of diesel....

Memories: Roy Johnston

Roy Johnston of Kisbey grew up around horses and developed a great love of the animal at a very...

One hundred years of Rebekahs

In 1851 a group of women came together as the Daughters of Rebekah, now known as the International...

Kenney acts amid temporary foreign workers scandal

New police chief in Estevan, Sask., knows father of murder victim

Judge rejects banning witness ID after death threats in mass murder trial

Couillard promises to work with Ottawa but also to defend Quebec's interests

Military rocked by allegations of sexual assault in published report

Canadians can bank on low interest rate environment for years to come: Poloz

Recent News

Tianna Kennett gains success at Juvenile Canadian Wrestling Championships

Tianna Kennett, 16, Manor’s wrestling princess struck again last weekend when she guaranteed her...

$2,000 raised for Carlyle Sports Arena

Community rinks are places that foster youth’s development. Whether they’re playing hockey or...

Cover me

We were heading to the airport and listening in disbelief as the story was unfolding on the radio....

Family history important to hold onto

It was a last minute trip home, but one I think I needed. Living away from family can be difficult...

All together one

Before beginning my daily chores, I scan through the news in hopes that I might have escaped the...

UC Chimes: Scars on the body

On a TV game show, women were required to identify their partner only by looking at the men's bare...


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