Tuesday September 02, 2014


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It’s time to transition

The lead up to this weekend’s Labour Day begins a period of rapid transition full of endings and beginnings.  You can see it in the fields and feel it in the air and hear it in the way people talk. The times, they are changing....


Progress being made

Now that the second phase of the Highway 47 north repaving project is complete, Estevan’s...

Attentive driving the key to safety

Traffic issues aren’t strictly an Estevan problem, but sometimes we need a reminder to be...

SaskPower's not so smart meters

The smart meters, apparently, weren’t that smart. They also were dangerous. They are being...

The stage is set, the time is right

Since the Agricultural Council of Saskatchewan raised the topic last week, we felt it was perhaps a ...

Playparks are a jewel of public service

Every summer we turn our attention to the outdoors, and in Estevan, that means recognizing the not-...

Keeping it clean is a challenge for all

There are certain days every week where it seems the dirt, dust and grime easily wins the battle...


Taking a spin around the sand box

We haven’t played in the sand box for a few months have we, dear diary? So let’s do...

Dick Collver revealed Sask.’s other side.

It has been almost 30 years since the Saskatchewan public last saw Dick Collver.While in Saskatoon...

Minor football teams need more players

Estevan's minor football teams have perpetually struggled with low registration numbers, putting...

Access to these people is a good thing

We should hate the fact that Justin Trudeau’s home was broken into. We should be thankful the ...

A tragic loss of a fine young man

Nick Egan was a rare breed. He was mature beyond his 21 years, with a strong sense of...

When regulations get in the way

There is a Saskatoon area chicken producer who was told by Occupational Health and Safety officials ...


Support is appreciated

Writer asks drivers to show respect

Estevan native enjoying simple, natural life

Writer unhappy with coverage of trial

Envision clarifies role in play

Green Party glad to see successful results for Morris family

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