Wednesday April 23, 2014


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P3 model can work, but caution is key

Recent debates swirling around the acceptance or rejection of Lean technology to increase efficiencies in the provincial government’s health and education sectors has relegated the debates about using P3 models to replace aging infrastructure...


Celebrating longevity in our community

The past few months have seen our citizens being given the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate ...

A cheerful spring challenge

Now that most of the snow has melted, even in the shaded areas, and temperatures are starting to...

Casino proposal worth hearing out

If there’s one thing we’ve learned here at the Mercury, it’s that you can never...

Actual debate is appreciated

There was a time when Estevan city council was can’t miss viewing.With the mayor and...

It’s a fragile system

The recent postponements of elective surgeries at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina due to a breakdown...

Acknowledging a special day

Last week many of us around the globe observed International Women’s Day in one form or...


You know when you’re in trouble

Last week was prime for some reflection. Reflections are supposed to be quiet summations of all the ...

We no longer have to tolerate this

Hearing about the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association’s convention in Weyburn over the weekend...

Canadian Wheat Board just another competitor in the market

The demise of the Canadian Wheat Board forecast by its biggest supporters seems to have been a bit...

Man, we’re rich!

It was just a small section in an issue of Maclean’s magazine last summer, so you probably...

Better ways to see the neighbourhood

Estevan is a small city of people who love their vehicles, be they cars, SUVs or trucks, and most...

Farmers hold partial key to flood prevention

While the threat of this year's spring snowmelt causing much more than some localized flooding...


Support is appreciated

Writer asks drivers to show respect

Estevan native enjoying simple, natural life

Writer unhappy with coverage of trial

Envision clarifies role in play

Green Party glad to see successful results for Morris family

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