Monday September 22, 2014

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Federal government's plan to revoke passports raises human rights concerns

MONTREAL - A human rights lawyer is raising concern about the federal government's plan to strip Canadian passports of those suspected of travelling abroad to join extremist groups....

posted: September 21,2014

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B.C. teachers strike fosters engagement from students and parents

VANCOUVER - Many parents and students in B.C. are relieved school is finally starting on Monday after three weeks of delay, and some say there is even a silver lining to the provincewide teachers strike....

After 32-day campaign on jobs, New Brunswick voters to polls Monday

FREDERICTON - After a 32-day election campaign fought largely on jobs, voters in New Brunswick decide Monday between a Liberal plan to turn the economy around through government stimulus or a Progressive Conservative promise to allow...

Soldiers diaries showcase dreary, perilous life First World War trenches

The three Rs they studied in school were nothing like those confronting young soldiers dug deep into the trenches of the First World War: rats, rain and rations....

Tories revive union bill that provoked Senate rebellion, move to limit debate

OTTAWA - Conservative senators are making a bid to cut short debate on private members' business just as the Senate is about to revive debate on a controversial bill that would force unions to publicly disclose details of their spending....

Boy suspended for selling soda at school takes his business to sidewalk

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - An Alberta teenager who was suspended for selling pop from his locker says he's still selling soda, just not on school property where sales of the sugary drinks aren't allowed....

New Brunswick premier says Progressive Conservatives ran a positive campaign

MONCTON, N.B. - New Brunswick's premier said Saturday he feels good about the campaign waged by his Progressive Conservatives while his Liberal rival tried to visit as many ridings as possible ahead of Monday's provincial election....

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