Thursday November 20, 2014

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Ottawa lets $125M in aid to poor countries lapse amid new spending on kids, moms

OTTAWA - Almost 14 per cent of the money that Canada's newly amalgamated Foreign Affairs Department planned to spend alleviating poverty in poor countries in the last year has been returned, unspent, to the Finance Department....

posted: November 20,2014

National News

I'd never seen cops 'kettle' peaceful protesters:Paikin tells G20 police hearing

TORONTO - A veteran journalist who witnessed the mass arrests during the G20 summit four years ago told a police disciplinary hearing today that in his 32-year career he had never seen Toronto officer "kettle" peaceful protesters....

Quebec to hike daycare costs and base fees on family income

QUEBEC - Quebec is confirming it will introduce sliding-scale fees in the public daycare program, meaning higher payments based on family income....

Worst case scenario is off the table, but where are Ebola numbers going?

TORONTO - The Ebola apocalypse scenario is off the table. But where exactly is this epidemic going?...

Ethics boss clears Shelly Glover on conflict complaint, suggests tighter rules

OTTAWA - The federal ethics commissioner says Heritage Minister Shelly Glover didn't breach the conflict of interest law in connection with a fundraiser early this year....

RCMP has dropped Internet-related probes following high court decision: memo

OTTAWA - An internal government memo says the RCMP has abandoned some cases following a landmark Supreme Court ruling that said police require a warrant or other legal tool to obtain basic Internet subscriber information....

Magnotta jury puts questions to witness on Day 33 of first-degree murder trial

MONTREAL - Jurors at Luka Rocco Magnotta's first-degree murder trial sought clarification on various issues Thursday as they asked questions of a witness for the first time in 33 days of testimony....

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