Friday April 18, 2014


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Grocery carts and troglodytes

Ok, so there I was, snaking through the Sobeys parking lot, looking for my coveted, prized parking space like a python after its prey and lo’ and behold, there it was.Only steps away from...


A fine line between history and racism

Last week, the Journal ran an ad from a January 1955 issue. It was an advertisement...

Mall rats: The new generation

The biggest news around town right now, other than the Broncos ending the Melfort...

A night of validation

In a world where the TSX is oozing with big-names like Canadian Tire Corporation,...

Not necessarily the news

We only know what the media tells us to know....

Know your self-worth

In this edition of the Journal, our reporter Melanie Jacob covers something that has...

Before the sun came up

Full disclosure: I can't skate.On the few...

A salute to shift workers

OK, now back to reality

Here's our two cents

Something I like about Humboldt

The scent of the roses

Oh, be still my heart

Here it is: The Great Debate

The gift of awareness

Post officegate

Going loco over the locomotive

Sometimes humanity gets it right

Thoughts on a national embarrassment

Never, ever, ever forget

Baby it's cold outside

Hey, where are my pedestrian rights?

Sticks and stones

A rock and a hard place

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