Friday October 24, 2014


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Smoking out individual rights

Like a bad penny, it seems the smoking debate has come back to haunt us, but this time in a new disguise. Recent bylaws in Warman and Martensville banning e-cigarettes anywhere regular smoking isn’t allowed has reinvigorated fresh...


Misinformation: the new epidemic

The Internet. Tabloids. Social media. All these channels and more are becoming a huge...

It's okay to see colour

I’m brown. Both of my parents were born in India, but moved here a few decades...

Being a fan doesn't excuse your responsibility

by Melanie JacobJournal Editor Anyone who...

There is never a good enough excuse

Four days, six collisions, six deaths, and one province. Out of the six fatalities,...

Enough with slacker parenting

With back to school upon us, quite a few parents will be left at home with just their...

Would you like fries with that double-double?

By Melanie JacobJournal EditorIt’s not the first time and it...

What NOT to say about depression

Why it's important to back Israel

It's not just a game

Lawless politicians

Generation screwed

Intolerant tolerance groups

Importance of locally owned stores

Respect earned by RCMP

Arrivederci, Humboldt

Humanizing the fallen

Oh, the humanity!

Grocery carts and troglodytes

Mall rats: The new generation

A night of validation

Not necessarily the news

Know your self-worth

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