Saturday November 01, 2014


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Reflections on fishing as snow arrives

Welcome to Week CXXVIII of 'Fishing Parkland Shorelines'. Like most of us I am a novice fisherman, loving to fish, but far from an expert. In the following weeks I'll attempt to give those anglers who love to fish but just don't have access to a...


Hoverboard suffers from infrastructure problem

When you look at science fiction of the past, it is amazing how many things have come true. That,...

Robbery past and present

Any opportunity to comb through newspaper archives is welcome for me. So, when a woman emailed last ...

Props for parking signage at GC

Big props to whoever managed to get signs installed at the Gallagher Centre to inform those of us...

Hockey shootouts: drop ‘em or keep ‘em?

View from the Cheap Seats is kind of an extension of the newsroom. Whenever our three regular...

It’s bulb saving time

Let’s you and I take one more quick trip to England; I’d like to tell you about some of ...

Faith needs a straight walk to match a straight talk

Every so often (more often than I care to admit) I don’t listen to God’s gentle...

History fair planned

Short and sweet fishing treats

Suffering from windshield woes

Visit town of flowers

Canada must do more for environment

A Thanksgiving moment over fishing

Canada NHL playoff prospects bleak

Join us this Thursday

Teenagers do grow up. Really

Government staff can report largess

Picking the 'bestest' fish

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