2020 interesting year for numerology

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While it rained all day Saturday and most of Sunday there were quite a lot of folks moving in and out of town over the weekend. When people isolate and then get together, it should be fine for all. Those who are workers out in public places are careful to do social distancing while visiting family or friends.

The problem that I have had with water coming into my basement suite proved to be corrected as the water reached the new sidewalk, but never came across, so I didn’t have to call out for help. That fact is appreciated,

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This year is a special year as your age this year, plus your year of birth will equal 2020. This phenomenon will not happen again for 1,000 years.

The concession opened on the weekend offering ice cream from 1 to 8 p.m. Afraid the weather was not exactly ice cream friendly. Next weekend it will be open with full service.

We saw a few campers come in and one leaving, so the campground is not too busy, yet. I will try to get a report to update their activities next week, and relay what rules are being applied. I see that every second camp spot is cordoned off, so they are not able to offer nearly as many sites as usual. The early ones with campers on site started to come in June 6. It will be a quiet summer, for a while at least.

The girls in the hair salon have been working full time catching up with all the shaggy people waiting for a haircut. Appointments must not arrive before their set time as hanging around to visit or read is not allowed by regulations in place. So, sitting in your car until the last customer comes out is the norm now, as sanitizing has to be done after each customer.

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