38 teams to take part in GPLS championship

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Do we believe the Weather Network when they say we are in for more rain in June than the sparse amounts received in May? In May, in Unity, we got a grand total of a half inch, not enough for an entire 31 day period, especially when April was very moisture deprived, too.

Did you enjoy any part of Unity Western Days last weekend. If so, then make sure to thank one of the organizing committee or volunteers for their work as it’s always nice to know you are appreciated for what you do.

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This weekend you can take in the U18 baseball tournament at the diamonds.

Next weekend get ready for a mass population explosion as 38 teams arrive in Unity for the GPLS championship weekend. The event starts Friday night and runs into Sunday with softball teams in U12, U14, U16 and U19 divisions playing off. Come on down to the diamonds and watch your favourite player or team competing in this event.

As well, you can go watch some fast track action as the Unity Motocross Club hosts races in their circuit June 15.

Farmer’s market takes place again today at the Adanac Hall with Jan serving a lunch. Remember these markets will happen every other Thursday for the season

The Unity Credit Union Aquatic Centre pool is open. You can see the schedule at the pool, in the Rec Guide that came in each mailbox or check out the Town of Unity website or the Aquatic Centre Facebook page for updates.

There is no lack of action at the diamonds these days. Both Midget and Senior Cardinals are now into their season with NSRBL. Senior Cardinals have hosted some games and will have home games upcoming 13 and 27 with five games on the road in June. In June the Midget Cardinals host on June 10, 12, 17 and 26 with three games on the road in June.

UCHS had some excitement since last column. The evening of May 27, fire crews were called the school around 8 o’clock as smoke was detected on the roof of the junior gym. Thanks to quick action there was no fire or water damage at the school, just some ventilation needed for smoke smell. Congratulations to Dallas Spendelow and Marco Sin who earned a spot at Canada Wide Science Fair with their robot project. Both boys lauded their experience in New Brunswick and are back home preparing for finals and graduation. At UCHS, this is the home stretch for students, and celebrate it or lament it, the last month of high school days for Grade 12s. UCHS held their local awards night last night on June 4 while select students will head to the LSKY division awards tonight, June 6. Track and field is heading to provincials this weekend with hopes of adding to their banners in the gym.

Field trips will keep classes busy this month: June 7 - Gr. 3 Field Trip; June 12 - Gr. 5 Field Trip; June 12 and 13 - Gr. 6 Field Trip; June 13 - Gr. 2K Field Trip; June 18 - Kindergarten Year End Celebration; June 20 - Gr. 4 Field Trip; June 21 - Gr. 3/4 Field Trip; June 21 - Gr. 2P Field Trip; June 24 - Gr. 6 Year End Celebration; June 25 - Last day of Kindergarten; June 26 - Last day of classes.

Always remember the best way to show appreciation to our small museum committee and group of volunteers is by taking guests there as a way to show off this fine venue and visitors are a good way to show appreciation of all that they do here.

Don’t be one of those people that say there is nothing to do here. In addition to regular events and activities hosted in our community there are outdoor recreation opportunities that include basketball hoop and beach volleyball at UCHS with plenty of fields for scrimmage soccer and football. UPS also has basketball hoops and a beautiful playground with also plenty of field for kite flying, soccer playing or football scrimmage. Richardson Pioneer Outdoor Rec venue has a nice cement pad for street hockey as well as newly erected basketball hoops. Plenty of paved paths around town for strolling or rolling on. Kin and Elks and Pool Park have plenty of playground equipment for kids to enjoy. Indoor recreation opportunities include pickleball at the UCC, mini golf at Bluez, movie theatre, games tables at Jack’s and several gym choices.

The Unity golf club is in full swing with the June 7 oilman’s golf tournament this Friday. June 9 is a two-person golf tournament. Men’s night has begun May 22.

It’s not just a burger. The meat of this story isn’t just the burgers being flipped or the fundraisers being organized, it’s the heart and soul of our communities and our provinces just digging in to help in any way they can. People don’t flock to these burger sales because they are craving a hamburger, they come out because they want to help. They want to be part of the community culture that rolls up their sleeve and doesn’t moan about who is and who isn’t doing their part, they just come out and start cooking or start buying to support the cause that needs supporting.

That is why community fundraising barbecues are so mainstream and commonplace in all of our readership communities. You could come out to the event simply because you support the cause or group that is fundraising. Some come out just because they live alone and a burger is not something often on their menu. Some folks attend because they are busy running their kids from one activity to another and it is a budget friendly option to grab supper on the go, while supporting the fundraising initiative. Others come out because they want the social factor that accompanies these events; come for the food, stay for the fellowship. It’s never just about the burgers.

A local or community approach to fundraising is by definition very specific and targeted. It involves building a relationship between your organization and the people who give you money and support your aims and activities; and let’s face it, food is often the heart and soul of many a fundraising opportunity.

It’s no secret that people are bombarded with requests for their income for a variety of causes on a regular basis. $100 tickets are not an affordable option for everyone, and the odds of return on this donation aren’t ideal. We receive requests by mail, email, text, on our social media accounts and some are even presented at the front door of our homes. A simple community barbecue event is one way we can donate to the cause spending as little as $5, and getting a meal in return. There is always the option to donate more at the event if the supporter so chooses. But, here, at these fundraising barbecues, we aren’t judged by the size of the donation we present; instead being thanked for the choice to support and/or contribute. Our $5 is combined with a 100 or more other $5 donations and soon enough, that fundraiser is deemed a success because the combined effort of many has garnered a portion or completion of their fundraising initiative.

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no community” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Coffee row participants continue to give glowing reviews to the multiple events and activities that regularly take place in our community. They also love sharing weather stories, predictions and the “how much rain” did we get, or not get in different parts of Unity. So you see we keep busy here in Unity with wisdom, laughter and plenty of fun here in Unity with our friends on coffee row.

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