Athletes shine at division track meet

The TFSD conference track and field meet was held May 17 and 18 at H. Hardcastle School. The weather co-operated and the students had a great meet. Students from Paradise Hill (PH), Glaslyn Central School (GCS), Turtleford Community School (TCS), St. Walburg (SW), Thunderchild School (TS) and H. Hardcastle School (HHS) competed.

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Senior girls: 100m - Meagan Kretzer (PH), Miranda Moline (HHS), Bailey Delainey (HHS), Shyanne St. Denis (TCS), Ichiha Maeda (TCS); 200m - Meagan Kretzer (PH), Kristen Gordon (HHS), Shyanne St. Denis (TCS); 400m - Meagan Kretzer (PH), McKenzie Nordell (HHS); 800m - McKenzie Nordell (HHS), Meagan Jorgenson (TCS); 1500m - Whitney Greves (PH); 3000m - Meagan Jorgenson (TCS); hurdles - Meagan Kretzer (PH), Miranda Moline (HHS), McKenzie Nordell (HHS); shot put - Shyanne St. Denis (TCS), Taylor Wells (GCS), Jen Helboe (PH), Kellie Anne Nasby (PH), Miela Schlewkewy (SW); discus - Chantel Bielecki (PH), Brandee Mitchell (TCS), Taylor Wells (GCS), McKenzie Nordell (HHS), Kellie Anne Nasby (PH); javelin - Chantel Bielecki (PH), Courtney Zweifel (PH), Debbie McFarlane (HHS), Taylor Wells (GCS), Miela Schlewkewy (SW); long jump - Miranda Moline (HHS), Bailey Delainey (HHS), Chantel Bielecki (PH), Courtney Zweifel (PH); triple jump - Bailey Delainey (HHS), Kristen Gordon (HHS), Miela Schlewkewy (SW), Meagan Jorgenson (TCS), Ryley Bielecki (PH); high jump - Miranda Moline (HHS), Ichiha Maeda (TCS); quad - Alysha Gory (TCS).

Senior boys: 100m - Brody Pylypow (GCS), Carl Paddy (TS), John Larre (SW), Kelly Svoboda (SW), Jesse Salzl (PH); 200m - Brody Pylypow (GCS), John Larre (SW), Kelly Svoboda (SW), Kody Manson (PH), Georgie Jimmy (TS); 400m - Kody Manson (PH), Austin McDonald (TCS), Georgie Jimmy (TS), Zach Macnab (TCS), Mathew Turner (HHS), Josh Jimmy (TS); 800m - Austin McDonald (TCS), So Horiguchi (GCS), Mathew Turner (HHS), Sever Standingwater (TCS); 1500m - Jackson Graham (TCS), Austin McDonald (TCS), So Horiguchi (GCS); 3000m - Jackson Graham (TCS), Austin McDonald (TCS), Mathew Turner (HHS); hurdles - Austin Rafter (TCS), Markell Lang (TCS); shot put - Cole O'Hare (TCS), Evan Nicodemus (SW), Corey Scott (TCS), Kody Manson (PH), Evander Thunderchild (TS); discus - Jesse Salzl (PH), Kendall Edwards (TCS), Matt Nedelec (HHS), Gary Burgess (GCS), Austin Rafter(TCS); javelin - Edward Okanee (TS), Evan Nicodemus (SW), Gary Burgess (GCS), Doug Starr (TCS), Stuart Paddy (TS); long jump - Carl Paddy (TS), Matt Nedelec (HHS), Edward Okanee (TS), Jesse Salzl (PH), Brody Pylypow (GCS); triple jump - Carl Paddy (TS), Jesse Salzl (PH), Brody Pylypow (GCS), Matt Nedelec (HHS), Edward Okanee (TS); high jump - Carl Paddy (TS), Kody Manson (PH), Carson Gray (TCS), Edward Okanee (TS), Jackson Graham (TCS); quad - Zach Macnab (TCS).

Junior girls: 100m - Kelcey McCarthy (HHS), Nikki Josuttes (PH), Brittany Bec (HHS), Brianna Spenst (TCS), Lindsay Wells (GCS); 200m - Brittany Bec (HHS), Brianna Spenst (TCS), Vikki Mercer (SW), Miranda Rubletz (TCS), Danielle Seguin (SW); 400m - Kelcey McCarthy (HHS), Emma Head (HHS), Miranda Rubletz (TCS), Kasidi Dunsing (TCS), Danielle Seguin (SW); 800m - Jacqueline Toews (GCS), Vikki Mercer (SW), Shanae Blaquiere (HHS), Danielle Seguin (SW), Brianna Spenst (TCS); 1500m - Justyne Zweifel (PH), Kayla Hartley (TCS), Erin Ludvigson (SW), Jacqueline Toews (GCS), Cherise Schlewkewy (SW); 3000m - Justyne Zweifel (PH), Jacqueline Toews (GCS), Kayla Hartley (TCS); hurdles - Kelcey McCarthy (HHS), Kasidi Dunsing (TCS); shot put - Lindsay Wells (GCS), Brandi Kobes (HHS), Jordanna Heisler (PH), Justyne Zweifel (PH), Nicole Tattam (SW), Mikayla Detillieux (HHS); discus - Mikayla Detillieux (HHS), Brandi Kobes (HHS), Lindsay Wells (GCS), Jordanna Heisler (PH), Miranda Rubletz (TCS); javelin - Justyne Zweifel (PH), Vikki Mercer (SW), Brooke Roach (HHS), Emma Head (HHS), Lindsay Wells (GCS); long jump - Nikki Josuttes (PH), Kelcey McCarthy (HHS), Sydney Lake (TCS), Jasmine Lee (TCS); triple jump - Nikki Josuttes (PH), Kelcey McCarthy (HHS), Sydney Lake (TCS), Emma Head (HHS), Jacqueline Toews (GCS); high jump - Nikki Josuttes (PH), Erin Ludvigson (SW), Cherise Schlewkewy (SW), Sydney Lake (TCS), Shayla Spencer (TCS).

Junior boys: 100m - Dryden Duriez (PH), Bryce Koltenborn (PH), Jesse Blais (HHS), Brandon Peters (SW), Bruce Hill (TCS); 200m - Dryden Duriez (PH), Matthew Palsich (PH), Caleb Greening (HHS), Alex Corbeil (HHS), Bruce Hill (TCS); 400m - Bryce Koltenborn (PH), Riley Macnab (PH), Jesse Blais (HHS), Tyrone Lewis (TS), Joe Brown (TCS); 800m - Riley Macnab (PH), Justin Scott (TCS), Marc LaClare (HHS), Joe Brown (TCS), Justin Svoboda (SW); 1500m - Joel Blaquiere (HHS), Swade Thunderchild (TS), Joe Brown (TCS), Justin Svoboda (SW), Denzil McCaffrey (HHS); 3000m - Joel Blaquiere (HHS), Alex Corbeil (HHS), Justin Svoboda (SW), Swade Thunderchild (TS), Joe Brown (TCS); hurdles - Jesse Blais (HHS), Josh Kelly (TCS); shot put - Chad Cline (TCS), Brandon Peters (SW), Dryden Duriez (PH), Bryce Koltenborn (PH), Marc LaClare (HHS); discus - Marc LaClare (HHS), Caleb Greening (HHS), Justin Scott (TCS), Sonny Thunderchild (TS), Matthew Palsich (PH); javelin - Dryden Duriez (PH), Joel Blaquiere (HHS), Brandon Peters (SW), Adam Longjohn (HHS), Swade Thunderchild (TS); long jump - Bryce Koltenborn (PH), Travis Hofer (PH), Justin Scott (TCS), Jesse Blais (HHS), Caleb Greening (HHS); triple jump - Marc LaClare (HHS), Travis Hofer (PH), Tyrone Lewis (TCS), Justin Scott (TCS), Michael S (TS); high jump - Riley Macnab (PH), Swade Thunderchild (TS), Tyrone Lewis (TCS), Michael S (TS); quad - Riley Macnab (PH).

Midget girls: 100m - Keinyn Nordell (HHS), Kennedy Schaefer (HHS), Hannah Josuttes (PH), Nikki Bulmer (SW), Nikita Sim (SW); 200m - Kaitlyn McCarthy (HHS), Kennedy Schaefer (HHS), Cassidy Nykiforuk (SW), Jocelyn Toews (GCS), Blayne Nichol (TCS); 400m - Keinyn Nordell (HHS), Cheyanne Conacher (TCS), Sarah Meier (PH), Emily Levasseur (HHS), Shalyn Allchurch (SW); 800m - Kalin Sitter (HHS), Sarah Meier (PH), Emily Levasseur (HHS), Kanisha Jimmy (TS), Latisha Ewanchuk (SW); 1500m - Sarah Meier (PH), Emily Levasseur (HHS), Robyn Salzl (PH), Vivian Wong (SW), Blayne Nichol (TCS); 3000m - Kennedy Lundberg (TCS); hurdles - Kennedy Schaefer (HHS), Kalin Sitter (HHS); shot put - Kaitlyn McCarthy, Shalyn Allchurch (SW), Jocelyn Toews (GCS), Alison Hazzard (GCS), Maegan Schick (TCS); discus - Kaitlyn McCarthy (HHS), Jessica Svoboda (SW), Alison Hazzard (GCS), Delaney Edwards (TCS), Hailey Shewchuk (HHS); javelin - Kaitlyn McCarthy (HHS), Kassidy Bauer (SW), Delaney Edwards (TCS), Alex McKenzie (SW); long jump - Keinyn Nordell (HHS), Hannah Josuttes (PH), Kate Dupuis (SW), Nikki Bulmer (SW), Maegan Schick (TCS); triple jump - Hannah Josuttes (PH), Keinyn Nordell (HHS), Kate Dupuis (SW), Maegan Schick (TCS), Morgan Schick (TCS); high jump - Hannah Josuttes (PH), Kennedy Schaefer (HHS), Cassidy Nykiforuk (SW), Kate Dupuis (SW), Cheyanne Conacher (TCS).

Midget boys: 100m - Tyson Menard (PH), Owen LaClare (HHS), Reed Delainey (HHS), Colton Hemmelgarn (SW), Chase Zweifel (PH); 200m - Reed Delainey (HHS), Mike Little (TCS), Colby Karst (SW), Brent Lanferman (PH), Kolten Dorval (GCS); 400m - Zach Nedelec (HHS), Eric Esquirol (HHS), Tristin McDonald (TCS), Jordan Robertson (SW), Jesse Dunsing (TCS); 800m - Tristen Derenoski (TCS), Tristin McDonald (TCS) Anthony Cole (HHS), Dylan Locke (GCS), Jordan Robertson (SW); 1500m - Tristen Derenoski (TCS), Jeff Toews (SW), Dylan Locke (GCS), Tristin McDonald (TCS), Jonah Hicks (GCS); 3000m - Tristen Derenoski (TCS), Tristin McDonald (TCS), Jeff Toews (SW), Jonah Hicks (GCS); hurdles - Anthony Cole (HHS), Dustin Macnab (TCS), Damian Nordell (TCS), Dallon Becotte (HHS), Kolten Dorval (GCS); shot put - David Jack (TCS), Tyson Menard (GCS), Owen LaClare (HHS), Chase Zweifel (PH), Jared Blaquiere (HHS); discus - Tyson Menard (GCS), Owen LaClare (HHS), Colton Conacher (TCS), Dustin Macnab (TCS), Jordan Sitter (HHS); javelin - Landon Saunders (PH), Chase Zweifel (PH), Colton Hemmelgarn (SW), Jared Blaquiere (HHS), Zach Nedelec (HHS); long jump - Owen LaClare (HHS), Tyson Menard (GCS), Reed Delainey (HHS), Landon Saunders (PH), Brandon Lang (TCS); triple jump - Reed Delainey (HHS), Zach Nedelec (HHS), Colton Conacher (TCS), Brett Pylypow (GCS), Falcon Thunderchild (TCS); high jump - Wyatt Malenfant (HHS), River Thunderchild (TS), Anthony Cole (HHS), Damian Nordell (TCS).

Bantam girls: 100m - Stephanie Kretzer (PH), Payton Morin (HHS), Jetta Derenoski (TCS), Morgan Spence (PH), Lita Stalker (SW); 200m - Taya Cole (HHS), Lita Stalker (SW), Darien Graham (TCS), Dana Preece (PH), Melissa Monteith (HHS); 400m - Taya Cole (HHS), Nicole Bielecki (PH), Darien Graham (TCS), Shaylene Imhoff (PH), Caroline Myo (TS); 800m - Jasmin Paul (PH), Jetta Derenoski (TCS), Jasmin Bear (TS), Justine Leer (PH), Morgan Gottschalk (TCS); 1500m - Kalie Nordell (HHS), Jasmin Paul (PH), Kenisha Jimmy (TS), Justine Leer (PH); hurdles Stephanie Kretzer (PH), Kalie Nordell (HHS), Sabrina Cadrain (HHS), Dana Preece (PH); shot put - Nicole Bielecki (PH), Morgan Spence (PH), Madison Sokulski (TCS), Calin Edwards (TCS), Taya Cole (HHS); discus - Madison Sokulski (TCS), Kalie Nordell (HHS), Shaylene Imhoff (PH), Taya Cole (HHS), Amy Lang (TCS); javelin - Kalie Nordell (HHS), Lita Stalker (SW), Madison Sokulski (TCS), Caroline Myo (TS), Jasmin Paul (PH); long jump - Stephanie Kretzer (PH), Payton Morin (HHS), Tayla Poole (HHS), Jetta Derenoski (TCS), Morgan Spence (PH); triple jump - Stephanie Kretzer (PH), Tayla Poole (HHS), Payton Morin (HHS), Dana Preece (PH), Calin Edwards (TCS); high jump -Tayla Poole (HHS), Morgan Spence (PH), Nicole Bielecki (PH), Jetta Derenoski (TCS), Amy Lang (TCS).

Bantam boys: 100m - Daniel Nasby (PH), Jonny Seipp (HHS), Mason Blais (HHS), Layne Young (PH), Stuart Mathews (TCS); 200m - Mason Blais (HHS), Ben Lanferman (PH), Aaron Salzl (PH), Stuart Mathews (TCS), Logan Domotar (TCS); 400m - Mason Blais (HHS), Jonny Seipp (HHS), Daniel Nasby (PH), Layne Young (PH), Andy Kim (TCS); 800m - Michael Collion (PH), Kade Mosimann (HHS), Karstin McDonald (TCS), Kyle Thom (TCS); 1500m - Kade Mosimann (HHS), Andrew Greves (PH), Travis Maier (PH), Jayden Calvert (TCS), Kyle Thom (TCS); 3000m Kade Mosimann (HHS), Karstin McDonald (TCS), Jayden Calvert (TCS); hurdles - Aiden Sitter (HHS), Jonny Seipp (HHS), Stuart Mathews (TCS), Travis Maier (PH), Kyle Thom (TCS); shot put - Jesse Cadrain (HHS), Blair Moore (PH), Hunter Wapass (TS), Brandon Jimmy (TS), Bailey Morin (HHS); discus - Blair Moore (PH), Jesse Cadrain (HHS), Jonny Seipp (HHS), Draven Frenchman (TS), Andrew Richards (TCS); javelin - Jesse Cadrain (HHS), Luke Nasby (PH), Blair Moore (PH), Cordell Beynon (HHS), Marcel Seguin (SW); long jump - Aiden Sitter (HHS), Daniel Nasby (PH), Layne Young (PH), Andy Kim (TCS), Kade Mosimann (HHS); triple jump - Layne Young (PH), Daniel Nasby (PH), Mason Blais (HHS), Zachary Gordon (HHS), Stuart Mathews (TCS); high jump - Blair Moore (PH), Luke Nasby (PH), Jordan Rhode (TCS), Draven Frenchman (TS).

After the two-day competition, 34 HHS students qualified for the district team: senior boys - Matt Nedelec (long jump, discus), Matthew Turner (800, 3000); senior girls - Debbie McFarlane (javelin), McKenzie Nordell ( discus, 400, 800, hurdles, 4x100, 4x400), Miranda Moline (high jump, long jump, 100, hurdles, 4x100), Bailey Delainey ( long jump, triple jump, 100, 4x100), Kristen Gordon (triple jump, 200); junior girls - Kelcey McCarthy (triple jump, 100, 400, hurdles. 4x100, 4x400), Brittany Bec (200, 4x100), Emma Head (400), Mikayla Detillieux (long jump, discus), Brandi Kobes (shot put, discus), Payton Morin (long jump, 100, 4x100), Sabrina Cadrain (hurdles), Brooke Roach (javelin), Shanae Blaquiere (800); junior boys - Caleb Greening (discus, 200), Joel Blaquiere (javelin, triple jump, 1500, 3000, 4x100), Jesse Blais (100, 400, hurdles, 4x100 alternate), Marc LaClare (discus, 800), Alex Corbeil (3000); midget boys - Wyatt Malenfant (high jump), Mason Blais (200), Aiden Sitter (hurdles), Owen LaClare (long jump, shot put, discus, 100, 4x100, 4x400), Zach Nedelec (triple jump, 400), Eric Esquirol (400), Anthony Cole (800, hurdles), Reed Delainey (long jump, triple jump, 100, 200, 4x100); midget girls - Taya Cole (200, 400), Kalie Nordell (javelin, 1500), Keinyn Nordell (long jump, triple jump, 100, 400, 4x100, 4x400), Kennedy Schaefer (high jump, 100, 200, hurdles, 4x100), Kaitlyn McCarthy (shot put, discus, javelin, 200), Kalin Sitter (800, hurdles, 4x100 alternate).

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