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At age 85 you would think that one would want to hang up their hat and relax. It wasn’t that way for the popular sports commentator Don Cherry who was employed on the Coach’s Corner until he was officially terminated on Remembrance Day. What a day for this guy to remember for the remainder of his life. Some comments over the past 30 plus years were not always the most polite, but Cherry always managed to get away with it until now. You would think getting walking papers was a blessing at that ripe old age. Some people think that way but others do not. It was a free country up until recently, now we all have to be politically correct.

In my last week’s column, I apologize to any Maymont people who did not know of the Remembrance Day service held at their school Thursday, Nov. 7. I wrote about the one in my local community of Mayfair on Nov. 10. Also, I briefly mentioned Maymont put on by the staff and students but forgot to put the date, so people might have thought it was on this same date as the one in Mayfair. I guess they would have figured there is no school on Sunday.

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Mayfair community recreation centre is open for nominations for executive and board positions until Nov. 18. There will be a general annual meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 7:30 p.m. in the local hall. For more information call Kolin or Cheryl Bulmer at 306-445-9721.

Collin Wicks, who resides in Speers, informed me of our potluck sponsored by the recreation board on Friday, Nov. 22, at 6 p.m. in the Speers rec center. It is titled “Potluck and Dice, Cards and Board Games Social Evening.” Enter to win on the 50-50 high-low wheel at $2.50 per square and Grey Cup pool at $10 per square. For more information please call Glynis at 306-246-2005.

With Christmas season fast approaching the person who likes to bake will be needing more eggs as an ingredient in some desserts, etc. Nine-year old twins Jacob and Andrew Konopelski are in the serious egg selling business. They are already established in some grocery stores as far away as Paradise Hill. Wow, way to go, boys! Mom, Jenny, can be reached at 306-841-7913 or dad, Daniel, at 306-841-7900. They apparently have our surplus of eggs to sell.

Last week’s paper revealed the $500,000 winner who I wrote about a month ago, but did not reveal the name due to confidentiality. Derrick Kyliuk attended Mayfair Central School for many years and is still a friend with many of his old school mates. He is a co-owner of a northern fishing camp at Lake Roe and the only way in or out is by small aircraft. My son Greg can attest to this, as he was fortunate to fly up there two times this past spring and summer. A good stress reliever from the busy chartered accountants office where he is employed in Saskatoon. Derrick is a welder in northern Alberta and still works at home on the family farm northeast of Mayfair. Congratulations to both winners of the $1 million Maxmillions prize, as he split the winnings with an Ontario resident.

An annual event at the Dekker Centre in North Battleford has a different narration and musical script every year. The script is written by Pauline and Paul Sayers, former owners of Viewpoint Photography, who are semi-retired at Meota Beach. The written story, as I am told, is totally different from other years. I can attest to the talented singers in the group as it is a four-part harmony which is totally awesome under the direction of Stephen and Joe Carter. I am fortunate to be part of the group this year as one of the alto singers. The net proceeds are donated this year to mental health. Showtimes are Saturday, Nov. 23, at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 24, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Contact the box office 306-445-7700 for tickets, as I was told they are selling quickly.

The Hafford Vikings boys six-man high school football team did it again. Congratulations on winning the finals against Wynyard this past weekend. There are many grandparents of these boys that I personally know and they are very proud of their grandsons’ accomplishments. Hurrah!


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