Blizzard less severe in Mayfair area

Mayfair News

Crazy March weather. At least in our area there wasn’t a full on blizzard as compared to 30 miles away. The wind had control, making outdoor activities a real challenge. The past month came in like a lamb and towards the end, the mighty lion took over with a bang. The snow cover wasn’t significant this past winter, so any amount of precipitation is a welcome sight for farmers.

Former Mayfair resident Genevieve Russell celebrated her 88th birthday in March. Belated greetings, dear friend, and please keep your young spirit and cheerfulness. The world needs more individuals like you.

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Campers are gearing up after a long prairie winter and are eagerly waiting to book Saskatchewan campsites. There was a toll-free number a few years ago, but now everything is booked and paid for online. How times change with all of this technology Sad thing is some older folks don’t have the skill to do these tasks. Ask a six-year-old kid and he or she will gladly help.

Weather in Yuma, Ariz. for the week of March 30 to April 6 has temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s F. I drove 20 miles out from the foothills to check the crops and the bearded barley was so thick I’m sure it will yield wonderfully. Also, Yuma is considered the lettuce capital of the world. Arizona ranks second in the United States for production of romaine and leaf lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower. When driving past the well-irrigated fields, you can smell these vegetable crops.

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