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The clouds are coming and the clouds are going, but there doesn’t seem to be any rain in any of them. Spring is here and the golf course has been open for a week, so everybody’s happy. The computer is set up now so people can book their tee time online, which is easier and quicker than phoning the clubhouse. So the golf carts are seen more often on our streets, which is fine as long as the children don’t travel around town with them. Once this freedom is abused, rules will have to change. So let’s hope all goes well and safely.

The real estate market is still busy and there are a few houses for sale after I was told there were none. Hence, the scenery changes from owner to owner. 

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There was a strong wind Friday and it cleared the ice off the lake without doing any damage that I know of. This is always a relief.

Nancy (Solanik) Taylor of Nanaimo, B.C. passed away April 15, at the age of 80. Nancy was raised in the Leoville district and is survived by her husband Doug, son Dean (Carla) and daughter Carla (Warren) and brother Wilfred (Pearl) and countless family members.

An experiment I undertook recently was to get a geranium to root. I was given a stalk about a foot long, brought it home and put it into a jar of water. Within a few days the bottom leaves were turning yellow. so that wasn’t working. Somewhere I had heard of dipping the cutting in honey and putting it right into the dirt, which I did. A few weeks later it is putting out new leaves and doing just fine. It will be fun to try this with other plants, too.

White geese reported on the lake are determined to be Ross geese as they are smaller than  the snow geese, but still with black wing tips. Marilyn McGown has been posting beautiful spring arrivals in the bird kingdom which we enjoy on Facebook.

Next week I should have another interesting project to report on. These Meota people like to keep busy.

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