Borden Co-op holds annual meeting

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The Borden Co-op held their annual meeting in the Borden Community Centre on April 18, preceded by a roast beef supper prepared by the staff, with the serving and clean-up by three of the Grad 2019 class. On the tables were baskets filled with Easter candies for everyone to enjoy.

Nominated as chairman for the meeting was Jamie Brandrick and for secretary Julia Orchard. Minutes from the 2018 meeting were read by Julia, then president of the board, Darrel Wiebe, gave his report, first introducing the staff, thanking Robbie Schmidt for being a hands on general manager for the past year, thanking the staff who have given great service and everyone for their patronage. He also gave a quiz – Where Am I? – with the answer to all the services mentioned being Borden.

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Randy Graham of North Battleford, who is on the FCL board of directors, brought greetings from FCL, which celebrated 90 years in 2018. He thanked the pioneers before us who had the vision to develop co-ops to where we are today. As of Oct. 31, 2018, FCL had $10.7 billion in revenues, $1.1 billion net in earnings and have returned $789 million to 170 individual co-ops. FCL has given out $4.7 billion to local co-ops in the last 10 years. He also talked about a third fertilizer plant being built in Alberta to complement the two in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He closed by stating that only the customers can make a co-op successful.

Robbie Schmidt gave the manager’s report with sales up over $100,000 but expenses also up, due to a few break-ins, repairs to the refrigeration units and new shelving painted in both stores. Hardware sales were down but feed sales were up. They have been discounting older stock and advertising on social media. Bulk fuel was with Saskatoon for a while but is now amalgamated with Hafford, who deliver the fuel on site to the farmers. There were 61 new members in 2018 and there are now 520 active members out of a total of 730. Robbie thanked Randy and Dale Paulow from Hafford for attending and thanked the staff for all their hard work, doing the supper and putting up with his new ideas. He also thanked Grad 2019 for their help and the board for all their dedication this past year. He thanked everyone for shopping the local co-op and stated that members wouldn’t be getting an equity cheque from the big box stores in the city like they would be getting that night. He also gave the financial statement, showing sales of $3,643,631, cost of goods $3,347,222 leaving a gross margin of $296,409, expenses were $473,670 for operating and administration and total loss from operations being $156,310. Patronage from FCL was $331,443, savings before income tax $175,133 leaving a net savings of $158,036. Transferred to statutory reserve was $8,757, to general reserve was $112,905 and patronage allocation to members $36,374. The grocery store had sales of $613,918, farm supply $431,360 and petroleum $2,598,353 for a total of $3,643,631, up $482,453 from 2017.

Diane Tracksell, who attended FCL 90th annual meeting, gave her report, speaking about member loyalty, the energy sector, customer satisfaction, planning for changes and challenges regarding carbon and climate. She said if anyone in Borden needs items, just phone to either store and they will be delivered.

Two presentations were made to employees – to Dorothy Fouhy for 11 years service and Kandace Brandrick for 16 years (Borden and Radisson).

The board nominated Luke Walker and Darrel Wiebe to the board and with no further nominations they were elected. Darrel thanked Roy Saunders for his many years of service on the board, now having to step down after serving three terms of three years each. Also on the board are Glenn Sutherland, Brett Larsen, Justin Block, Julia Orchard and Diane Tracksell.

Door prizes were given out with Rider cutting boards or wall hangings going to Wendell Dyck, Treyton Schmidt, Stella Hawryluk. Larry Newhook, Stew Walton, Bob Krueger, Ted Mandziak, Corny Neufeld, Lee Tracksell, Gloria Derbowka and Dustin Tracksell and the $100 gift card to Sheri Sutherland. Equity cheques were handed out to those who were present.

Upcoming at Borden – Saturday, April 27, there are garage sales around Borden, a 55th anniversary in the Community Centre, the vet gives shots to small animals in the afternoon and a local band is entertaining at the Roadside Inn in the evening. In the morning, Radisson seniors host a pancake breakfast from 9 to 11 a.m. in the Goodrich (senior) Centre. Borden Farmers’ Market will be starting up Friday, May 3, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Fire Hall, and the Local Fire and Rescue are doing the burgers and hot dogs this year. The market runs every Friday until Oct. 4 in the Fire Hall.


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