Borden Museum holds final Adventures at the Museum

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The Borden Museum held their final Adventures at the Museum on Aug. 31 with June Nichol talking about the one-room schoolhouse. June gave a brief history of the 1906 original school district with Nellie Clarke, as teacher, using a small church. In 1916, two buildings were moved on to the present site on Baltimore Street. June herself started school in Borden in 1949. She went on to give a history of one-room schoolhouses, once very common on the prairies. The first one appeared in 1885, when RMs would set aside land for a school or it was donated by a farmer. In the Borden area, Halcyonia was started in 1905 with Ed Diefenbaker as teacher and John Diefenbaker as a student. It closed in 1967 but the school still stands. It is a Heritage School 1237 and was used for July 1 picnics until just a few years ago. Next was Hoffnungsfeld and William Diefenbaker was the first teacher. In 1906, Clear Springs started up and in 1924 became two classrooms with partial high school and up to 88 students. It closed in 1963. The school moved to Hoffnungsfeld, and along with Clear Springs and King George became Great Deere Consolidated School. In 1916 Concordia started on land donated by Nick Belyk and closed in 1961. Turtle Lake began in 1906, with a larger one built in 1927, closing in 1968. It was moved to Borden school yard and June taught K – Grade 1 there. Then it was used for band and typing and eventually moved to the museum site to become part of their display. Thistledale opened in 1914 with students attending Halcyonia prior to that. The first school burned down in 1929 and a new one was built, closing in 1962. Wheatheart opened in 1910, closing in 1969 and yours truly was the last teacher there. Walter Scott opened in 1913 and Saginaw opened in 1915, both closing in 1960s. June talked about teaching about pioneers with Sharon Assman. They built a sod house in the Borden school yard and one day they took the students out to Halcyonia, dressed in clothing from pioneer days, using syrup or honey pails for lunch pails. She talked about lard or bacon lard sandwiches, games they played at school, Christmas concerts and how students travelled to get to school – walking, horseback, buggy, sleigh, etc. A few present told of memories they had attending one-room schoolhouses, then a farewell gift was presented by Reuben Rempel to student Leah Williamson, as this was her last day at the museum. Muffins, cheese and beverages were served to those present. The museum is now closed for the season except on Threshing Day Sept. 28 when it will be open for the afternoon. 

The Borden Friendship Club held their potluck supper and birthday celebrations Aug. 28 with 40 out to enjoy the meal and program. Blowing out the candles were Audrey Baker, Eleanor Walton and Ed Rawlyk, with seven members not present having birthdays in August. Entertaining for the evening were Ed Neufeld and Russ Fountain, each playing and singing three songs each set with Eileen Fountain joining in for a few songs. A few that Russ sang were Lonesome 77203, A Country Girl, I Caught Your Eye, Cinderella, Pick Me Up on Your way Down and more. Ed sang Father’s Love, Love Without End, Amen, I’ll Fly Away, Yellow Rose, Sunny Side of Life and together they sang My Little Mountain Church House, playing and singing for over an hour, alternating guitars each set.

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Radisson TOPS SK5243 held their installation of officers and awards ceremony the morning of Aug.  29 at their meeting room in Radisson Town Office. MC and installing officer was Lorraine Olinyk, with past year officers recognized by Jean Sawchyn. For the new year starting Aug. 1, leader is Lorraine, co-leader is Shirley Whitt, secretary is Fran Steeves-Cook, treasurer is Tina Hessell, weight recorders are Ilene Youchezin and Bev Boden and new member coach is Jean Sawchyn. The officers were the same the prior year except Jean Sawchyn was secretary. Jean was honoured as a three-year returning  KOPS by Tina and Bev handed out awards and certificates for walking, biking, perfect attendance and Sunshine (giving cards and encouragement). The chapter has eight members, meets on Thursdays at 10 a.m. in the Radisson Town Office and new members are always welcome. You can always attend one meeting free of charge to see what it is all about.

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