Cabins under construction at the lake

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There’s been lots of action around the village, but I don’t have reports of the goings on. The concession is still open for meals and, of course, ice cream.

The cool weather last week brought one fellow out onto the golf course in his winter parka, one does have to be comfortable to play a good game. There appears to be lots of action out there still. It is so sad to see more of the big trees around the course dying every year. They were doing so well for so many years.

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The STOP sign that has been missing for some time at the junction of the Metinota Road and the highway at Meota has been replaced.

A couple of lots have been cleared of their trees in Meota and in Lakeview for further development. There are several cabins under construction in both places, and many for sale.

There are still a few showing up for morning coffee at the Do Drop In to catch up on the latest news and visit their neighbours.

The bridge players only got out twice this past week. In Meota Monday afternoon top score went to Vern Iverson and Joyce Antoine, then Margaret Dyck and Maureen Campbell and thirdly Joyce Luckey and Linda Ard. They played in the Pioneer Hall in the city Thursday evening with top score by Margaret Dyck and Dave Creegan, then Vern Iverson and David Sharpe and third were Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen.

There were four tables of Canasta players at the Do Drop In Aug. 23. Top score went to Vern Iverson and Jack Stewart, second were Paulette Neale and Marion Ottas and third were Janice Morton and Arlene Walker. This is always a pleasant social time and some garden produce was brought and shared, much appreciated.

Summer isn’t quite over as campers are still coming in and going out. They want nice, warm, dry weather, as do the farmers these days. The combines will be rolling before too many more hot days as they are already in southern areas of the prairies.

Visiting me from Wetaskiwin this week is my daughter Joyce Rowland. We’ve been working on our family trees and have to get together for finalizing data.

A tragedy in our family, in Uncle Jim and Aunt Gladys Shepherd’s family, was the loss of their grandson John Schaffer in a boating accident off the coast of Florida. He went for a swim and was caught in the rip tide and carried away from the boat and didn’t respond to resuscitation when rescued by the Coast Guard. His mother was Margaret, the second daughter of Jim and Gladys, and he grew up in Africa and later in Oregon. His parents are both deceased. He leaves his adopted son, 29-year-old Cameron and 23-year-old triplets – Nicole, Paige and Brodey – and brothers Jim in Rhode Island and Mark in Washington and their families.

It is good to see the little house beside the Credit Union building has been sold and is being used by families. No doubt both house and yard needed some work but for the short summer holiday, folks can make do with what there is and make use of the yard and garage.

Meota Golf Club Championship results:

Men’s Championship – 1. Kelly Page (76); 2. Brook Favel 78; 3. Keanu Foulds 79.

First Flight – 1. Randy Sharp 78; 2. Gord Pepple 80; 3. Lloyd Johnson 85.

2nd flight – 1. Kelly Chapman 83; 2. Don Johnson 84; 3. Pat Mohr 87.

3rd Flight – 1. Kevin Russell 88; 2. Colin Sharp 91; 3. Kent Finley 95.

Ladies Championship – 1. Bonnie Tait 90; 2. Teresa Ducharme 92; 3. Ashley Gauthier 96.

First Flight – 1. Samantha Tremblay 102; 2. Chelsea Iverson 106; 3. Alana Boser 108.

Senior Men’s 65 yrs. and over - Championship - 1. Ed Tait 78; 2. Bob Kenny 80; 3. Pat Becotte 85.

Senior Ladies 65 yrs. and over - Championship – 1. Louise Goodheart 109; 2. Merle Howatt 113; 3. Phyllis Kesslar 116.

Junior Champion - Nicholas Page 105

Randy Sharp carded the second hole in one of the season during the tournament. He aced the par three on the sevent hole Hole from 198 yards with a five-iron. Playing with Randy were Colin Sharp and Vic Kappel. The feat was also witnessed from the eighth tee off by Pat Mohr.

The seniors annual wind up is at 10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 5. Sign up sheets are up in the clubhouse.

The Home Hardware Fall Scramble is on Sunday, Sept. 22 with an 11 a.m. shot gun start Sign up sheets will be up soon. Last year we originally had over 120 signed up but inclement weather put a damper on the weekend.

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