Campers, boats and golf carts arriving at the lake

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How wonderful to welcome the new green countryside and know that summer has arrived with more birds and activities everywhere. The farmers are getting those fields looking so good and the dust is only flying on the roads, but it is getting dry. We wish them another good crop yield this year. Many campers came into the village Friday afternoon and Saturday as well as boats and golf carts. The summer yard sales have started up and the bake sale at the United/ Anglican Church was another success. The attendance was down at the hall monthly noon meal, but those not there don’t know what a good tasty meal they missed and disappointing after all the work that goes into these meals on behalf of the Community Hall.

Norwegian whist was played at the Action Now building on May 14, with a couple tables and a couple new players, and it was all in fun. Maybe folks are getting into their gardens but you still need a social break with friends.

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Elsie Gabruck drove to Turtleford to her daughter Linda’s, May 10, from where they travelled to Edmonton to enjoy Stars on Ice because her granddaughter sends them tickets every year. It was held in Rogers’ Place and starred the top Canadian figure skaters. You never get tired of watching these professionals and so much nicer than on TV.

The beach concession opened May 16 but I haven’t received the dates and times they will be open so cannot pass on that information for you. Hope they have a good year, too.

Duplicate bridge was played at the Pioneer Hall May 14 with top scores going to Bea Prutti and Vern Iverson, second were Jetta and Terence Dasilva, and third were Catriona Winterholt and Gerry Craig. There was a good turnout of 20 players this night. On May 16 in the city again top score went to Anne Crozier and Cletus Scherman, then Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen and then Vern Iverson and David Sharpe.

May 17 found four tables in play at the Do Drop In for Canasta. Top score here went to Vern Iverson and Terry Neale, second to Paulette Neale and Nestor Fransoo, and third to Dave Ottas and Arlene Walker. Lots of visiting over lunch after and nice socializing.

The Barry Nordell family, headed by son Piper, this year held their annual barbecue last weekend and raised over $3,000 for the kidney Foundation. The Turtleford Co-op’s generous donation of food and the support from the surrounding community made it an overwhelming success.

The wildfires have started up in northern Alberta near Slave Lake and one other community so now we could use one of those dumps, but maybe in the wet form, to slow them down.

The traffic pattern at the 13-mile corner had changed dramatically with trucks coming and going there continually from the east where the new oil development is taking place. Just be aware of one more corner to watch out for. The cops were working the highway north of the city Sunday afternoon and likely spoiled the weekend for several folks in a hurry.

We’ll take a minute this week to wish folks in the hospital a speedy recovery, and folks in the nursing homes a time of peace. Do stop to visit when you have a few moments to spare. The days there are pretty long.

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