Canada Day at the lake well enjoyed

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The bicycle parade on July 1 was again a whopping success. The kids were all excited and had a good time as they rode the route. A drive through the village at the time made you proud to be Canadian as many homes and yards were decorated in red and white and lots of flags and balloons etc. The fireworks in the evening were outstandingly beautiful. Whoever was in charge did a splendid job and we, the public, surely did enjoy the results. Also appreciated were the beer gardens and canteen on hand. It is great to have all these things in a little village like we are and adds to the reasons we like living here.

Our beautiful green world is becoming a patchwork quilt with large yellow fields showing up everywhere. The rain most areas have received has been a boon to farmers and gardeners alike.

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Beach Avenue was closed several days last week as crews worked on underground problems in the area near the new house that came into town on June 24.

Beth Wynne and I made a trip to Spiritwood last week and were sorry to see the worms’ work south of Glaslyn that has taken place, leaving the forest with a dead look instead of a healthy green. We visited the museum in Spiritwood and found several family related items from our past. Included was the teacher’s desk that used to be in Log Cabin School, north of Bapaume. The plaque reads “made by unknown” but I’m sure it was made by the late Charles Hare, father of the late Stanley and Allan Hare. The needlework papers that John Pearson’s mother subscribed to, before she was married, dated 1921, are lying on the sofa, addressed to Sarah Sigurdson. We also visited the graveyards at Spiritwood and Idylwild. It was a rewarding day.

The Paynton ferry is closed because of the high water.

Virgil and Vera Trytten’s daughter Tara and her husband Fraser, from Australia, are visiting for two weeks.

More than 100 ladies took part in Ladies’ Night on Wednesday, July 3, at the golf course in Meota, an amazing group.

Louise Cadrin from Vancouver visited family and friends in the area again last week including her music teacher of many years ago, Junice Headley.

Duplicate bridge was played in the city July 2, with top scores by Margaret Dyck and Vern Iverson, Jane Groves and Gerry Craig, and Joeanne and Rudy Wiens. July 4 found another keen bunch with top scores by Vern Iverson and David Sharpe, Gerry Craig and Catriona Winterholt and Mary Greenwald and Anna Marie Waldbillig.

The 22nd reunion of former Saskatchewan Safeway workers and associates, called Old Friends Golf Tournament, was held at Holiday Park in Saskatoon, July 6, with lunch and supper at the Granary. Attending were Beth and Norm Wynne from Taber, Alta.,who spent some time here before going in.

Golf carts and other little mobile units are the subject of controversy as they use the streets in Meota. Their speed, their occupants, and where they travel all cause concerns.

The large number of big pontoon boats, speed boats and personal watercraft coming in are also a concern. It will be a miracle if the season runs out with no mishaps. The parking of trucks and trailers around the boat launch is always a problem, too.

The Calgary Stampede is providing some great TV watching this week, as is Spruce Meadows.

The two new cottages in Lakeview are both to the floor stage and progressing well.

The population of the village has increased two or threefold or more this week as every house has company and who knows how many are in the park campground as I’m sure its full.

Now they tell me that the storm Sunday morning was a real one, lots of thunder and lightning and a dump of rain, between half an inch and an inch.

News has just come from St. Paul, Alta., of the passing of Sharon (Charlebois) Hare. Sharon grew up in Spiritwood where her father Gerry had a butcher shop. Sharon and her husband Allan have two sons, Greg and Cory.

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