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The break in the weather is appreciated. It’s been so nice and didn’t even snow as it often does when it warms up.

An apology for the wrong date for the Christmas lighting competition, it will be Dec. 20, not 22. Sorry, folks, reporting after midnight didn’t pay off. It was right in the paper the week before.

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The handsome lad on Santa’s knee two weeks ago was Kessler Clarke. The dance group is under the leadership of Alex Welford and we hope to hear more of them as winter classes continue.

Dec. 12 Chat and Chew at the Do Drop In was again a fun time hosted by Gail Hilderman and Eric Callbeck, from 8:30 to 11 a.m. This was popular about six years ago when the hotel was closed all winter.

Did you see the mysterious ice movement that took place on Sylvan Lake in Alberta where the ice was pushed up in weird formations along the shoreline? We had similar movement at Chitek Lake one winter and it pushed up into little tipis where you could actually walk through them. In some places there were stones frozen in the ice in the walls of these formations.   

Duplicate bridge played in the Pioneer Hall in the city Dec. 11 saw top marks go to Catriona Winterholt and Mary Phelps, second were Donna Scherman and Jim Fraser and third were Joyce Luckey and Jane Grove. Dec. 13 top score went to Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen, then Margaret Dyck and Dave Creegan followed by Ann Crozier and Cletus Scherman.

Fred St. Marie has taken up residence at Harwood Manor. We wish him a happy home there. Birthday greetings to Therese St. Amant on Dec. 30, as she is 79 years young and also in Harwood Manor. Moving in this past week was Betty Moore from one of the Towers. Christmas Party is Dec. 19 with the Valley View Fiddlers at 2 p.m. and Chinese supper at 5 p.m. The December birthday party is Dec. 20 at 2 p.m.

A twice-lucky winner in the Saskatchewan Roughriders Lottery is Robert Iverson in Caleb Village. He won a small refrigerator in Regina and an exercise machine in Saskatoon. Now his problem is to find a way to get them to North Battleford. If someone is driving to either city and could help Robert out, his phone number is 306-937-2824.

The fish shacks keep going by on their way to the lake but I have had no reports on the fishing luck.

Canasta was played at the Do Drop In Dec. 14 with four tables in play. Top score went to Arlene Walker and Terry Neale, second to Eric Callbeck and Linda Ard, third were Jack Stewart and Paulette Neale. The tables were set up for the senior’s Christmas supper being held the next day.

The new casino in Lloydminster is holding their grand opening Dec. 21, and was built by Blair Corbeil and his crew. Blair grew up in the Jackfish area so many folks know his mother Beulah, in Harwood Manor.

The senior meeting was held Dec. 14 with fewer folks present as it’s a busy time of year for everyone. Clear storage containers will be purchased for the storage of the Christmas decorations. There is to be a baby shower in January so decorations will be left up until after that event. Chat and Chew will continue in January starting Jan. 9, then 16 and so on. Where to donate or store the fancy china cups was discussed. The list for food for the Christmas supper was passed around so everyone knows what they will bring. The library report was given by Maureen Campbell. The library hours in December – closed Dec. 25 and 26, open Dec. 27 and 29 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., closed Jan. 1. In the new year, hours are Tuesday and Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday 2 - 6 p.m. The next meeting will be Jan. 11 at 10:30 a.m. with potluck lunch to follow. 

Dec. 15 saw the seniors gather at the Do Drop In for their annual Christmas supper. It was a first class buffet, with many specialty dishes along with the ham and turkey. Members out from town were Pearl and Arie. President Eric Callbeck welcomed everybody and Linda Ard gave the blessing. After supper there were draws for the many door prizes that had been gathered from the local businesses in Meota – the hotel, hair salon, the Cottage, R.M., Village, store, car wash and garage. There were more prizes than people so a few got two items. This was lots of fun and appreciated. We heard our mayor John MacDonald speak of the village’s successful past year of activities and plans for the future. The use of a microphone made it easier to hear people speak.

After the meal, the entertainment was 14-year-old Braxton Letwinetz, singing and accompanying himself on guitar. Then 15-year-old Clayton Wolfe played his accordion, and play it he did! His fingers just danced across the keyboard and the MC had just returned from a trip to Nashville where he saw lots of accordions being played and said he was as good as any of them down there. The boys were accompanied by Braxton’s mother Bonnie and Clayton’s grandmother Anita Wolfe. All are from Edam. Then the clean-up followed, dishes were done and the tables and chairs all put away and people departed with a happy memory of a very nice evening.

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