Christmas concert program features all ages

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“You are behind in paying your monthly Canada Pension Plan deduction, but we can definitely assist you if you give me your credit card number. Once this is complete the CPP office will not be bothering you any further and you will not have to go to jail.” The conversation a friend recently had with a person who could barely speak English went on for a brief time, but the robot call soon ended when she refused to provide her credit card number. The “victim” told the caller she was looking forward to a stint in jail where all her wants and needs would be catered to. That struck the scammer dumb. These scams are becoming way to common and are beyond annoying.

Hunting season is in full swing in our zone until Dec. 1. The small amount of snow falling is a delight to hunters and young children, of course. People are praying for the winter not to be like 2018-19, with cold snaps that had a hard time disappearing. We are enjoying the end of autumn. Winter officially begins Dec. 21.

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Mayfair’s Christmas concert, to be held Dec. 1, will not disappoint. A wonderful program involving children as young as two and half years up to age 14 will make for a happy, appreciative audience. I think the audience may also appreciate a few of us “golden oldies” on stage bellowing out some Christmas songs. A potluck will follow the 3:30 p.m. program and then Santa will find his way to this small hamlet.

The turkey shoot Dec. 1 in Rabbit Lake Hall is becoming a big thing in Rabbit Lake. Dec. 6 there is a potluck supper and church service at 5 p.m., Rev. Rick Martin presiding, in the hall.

A Christmas meal will be held in Rabbit Lake Dec. 8 and should draw in a large crowd. The price is right, just $12 for adults and children under 12 years are free. The menu consists of sausage, ham, perogies, vegetables, salad, dessert and choice of a beverage. Everyone is welcome.

These are social events rural folks do not have to travel far to enjoy.

Sandwith Hall will see some action Nov. 30 from 2 to 4 p.m. for a tea party, which isn’t just for seniors and Cinderella. There is a $10 entry fee, which makes attendees eligible for door prizes, raffle tickets and more.

Grandparents, make sure to mark down all of your grandchildren’s events. December proves to be an exciting go, go, go month. In one more month we will be ringing in the new year.

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