Coffee row participants enjoy being reunited

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There was lots of action around our little village over the weekend and last week as restrictions loosened up. There were many boats on the lake and many personal watercraft, too. While the swimming area was still cordoned off, there was water for those who wanted to swim other places. Those putting in their docks, found this out. The lake is high as are all lakes in the north, and the rivers are still rising, too. There is some flooding in Meadow Lake and the Green River north of Green Lake village looks more like a lake than a river. 

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Coffee row is back on at our local hotel with a good turnout of folks, happy to have their isolation coming to an end. 

My daughter Joyce Rowland from Wetaskiwin, Alta. spent a couple weeks with me, and spent time helping Auntie Linda with her spring work on her big yard. They planted lots of flowers so it should be a pretty sight soon. The lawn across the street from her is looking mighty fine too, with the sod taking root well. 

Many folks have had company or gone visiting and this area seems to be staying healthy and keeping their distance. 

We have passed our shortest night of the year. Now we have to, unwillingly, start seeing the days getting shorter. The sunsets this year so far, have been gorgeous. The vibrant colours and interesting cloud shapes paint a beautiful scene. 

In Calgary restaurants the tables are six feet apart and the staff are wearing masks, but the food is still the same good part of the evening and it would be quieter and more private than it used to be. This will likely change soon. 

In last week's paper, the story of the visit to Edmonton by Helen Row Toews was interesting. There she saw more wildlife in the city than she sees at home in the country where she lives. One special sighting was jackrabbits, which are nearly extinct in rural areas. There they were, safe in the city. Now the coyotes are in the city, too, after their favourite dish of rabbit. One item she mentioned that drew my attention, was the number of mountain goats in the town of Llandudno in Wales where I spent an afternoon, in 1985, and didn’t see a one. Because I couldn’t pronounce Llandudno, which is where we wanted to go on the train, I wrote it down and showed the ticket master. He looked at my pin that said, “Saskatchewan” and said, “And I won’t try to pronounce that either.”

I hear Medstead had an interesting graduation format. Iill try to get more about that for next week.

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