Copies of 1986 history book sought by library patrons

Mayfair News

Mayfair Library has a list of people who are looking for copies of the local history book “Golden Memories.” This is a brown, hard-covered edition containing 675 pages published in 1986. Included are histories of families, schools, churches and organizations covering the districts of Mayfair, Mullingar, Alticane, Whitkow and Redfield. If you have been housecleaning or downsizing and have a book you are willing to give to a new home, please contact the library at 306-246-4465 or Alice Grigor 306-246-4212.

“Have a Good Weekend” is a new single by singer/songwriter Shantaia Poulin, originally from Spiritwood. This was released on iTunes and Apple Music Feb. 26. The new song is to be played on Canadian country radio. Shantaia presently resides in Nashville. Her grandmother, Bernice Taylor, still lives on an acreage near Spiritwood. These are exciting times for Shantaia.

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COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered to the residents and employees at Rabbit Lake’s Rose Gill Lodge. This is a private senior care home employing local people, run by a local board of directors.

There are no figure skating carnivals or hockey games and tournaments for us old folks to watch during these trying times. Those activities made one get off the couch. Nothing like a good hamburger and coffee at those cold arenas.

Will March be rolling in like a lion or lamb? Let’s wait and see.

Ancient life? Apparently the rover that landed on Mars 10 days ago had space exploration people in a daze. Some are even wanting to fly there by 2050. Many have purchased so-called tickets for a trip to the moon by 2030. Yes, outer space can make interesting conversation, but stamping out starvation in Third World countries should take priority over anything else. There are many songs about the sun, moon and planets. How many musical numbers about starvation have you heard? These would be played in a minor key (sad sound) while space exploration in a major (happy) key.

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