Council seat won by a single vote

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We have been having nice rains and most of the fields around appear to have been seeded, so that’s a good start for the year. It also means that there’s lots of grass to cut and hedges to trim as growth is rapid.

As the village got trimmed up in the last few days, the ball diamonds look nice and most yards also. There was lots of action in that department and when everyone does their bit the total picture improves and we can be proud of our village. Much work has taken place at the little village park and it is looking tidy, too.

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The election for a new mayor and one councillor took place in Meota May 27, in the community hall. Dave Konopelski went in as mayor, by acclamation, and the councillor position as won by Carol Chapman over Pat Becotte, by one vote.

The ice cream truck visited the concession May 26, so I expect they will be open next weekend. The summer crowd appreciates that for their treats and some meals. With the pandemic this summer this service will be used more than ever.

The clean- up crew spent a busy day Thursday at the local cemetery and it looks neat and tidy now. The new sign has been put in place with names of deceased, so when people come to visit it will be easy to find their plot. The dates for future clean- up days are as: June 12 and 27; July 13 and 28; Aug.12 and 27; and Sept. 11. Work starts at 9 a.m. and you have to bring your own coffee this year. Volunteers are always welcome.

It appears that Access is going to be replaying old TV shows like The Waltons. While I’m not sure I want to watch that series again at least it does give us the chance to see a show without foul language, violence and drugs that are so prevalent these days.

While working on my old diaries I came across a trip we made to the old store in Pierceland in 1977, where I purchased four of those big blue enamelled bread mixing pans, one for each of my four daughters, at $22 each and, in those days, no tax. These are still in use, while maybe not for big batches of bread so often, but for mixing large quantities of salads for family occasions or large gatherings.

My cousins who built a new cottage at Lanz Point are disappointed this summer, as their overseas families won’t be coming from Ireland for their annual visit, because of the pandemic. This was the main reason for building a new place, to accommodate them all at once.

There are various stories coming out of seniors' residences about how they are handling this new way of life. Each is coping with it in their own way, following restrictions in place. Some are still using their dining rooms, with spacing in place, but I hear of others where they have to stay in their rooms and meals are delivered. No visitors are allowed in any of them, so the only ones coming and going are the staff members. One place in Saskatoon has changed to two sittings with space restrictions. What a relief when the day comes when they can mix and come and go and visit again. At least we aren’t hearing horror stories in western Canada like the eastern provinces are dealing with.

It is not the dryer that makes your clothes shrink, it is the refrigerator , especially this year when we have been shut indoors with less activities happening.

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