COVID-19 and snow curtail activities

Meota News

Remembrance Day services were cancelled in Meota, as in most other places, because of the virus. However, I’m sure we all had time to watch the service from Ottawa and appreciate the meaning of the event. One thing I did wonder about was, when did we stop calling Nov. 11  Armistice Day? 

Over London, England on Nov. 11, planes like our Snowbirds, but without the trail of fog, flew overhead in the formation of the number “75” in commemoration of the end of the Second World War.

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The new SaskTel phone books are out and available at the Do Drop In and the Meota Hotel.

There is no report from the bridge players for the last week, as the dump of snow made travel in and out of town difficult.

The monthly meeting of the Do Drop In was held with a dozen members present Nov. 13, to go over the summer activities. The officers remain the same. The application for a grant has gone in. Some work was done on the hedges and trees and the grass was cut throughout the summer. The first date, Jan. 13, is set to watch three short films. The phone is disconnected, but it was agreed to have it reconnected. There will not be any shuffleboard this winter with the active virus still among us. It was decided to have our insurance cost and coverage checked out to be sure we are doing the best we can for coverage. There will be no Christmas gatherings or suppers this year. The tentative date for the December meeting is Dec. 11. There is a nice thank you on the blackboard from the Chase family in appreciation of the use of the hall for their annual family gathering, in July.

Norwegian whist was played Nov. 13, with top score going to Vern Iverson. Gail Hilderman and Carol Huys tied for second. Janice Morton was third and Albert Huys fourth.

Now we wait for the first fish shack to go out, once the ice is thick enough. It is that time of year, which seems to have snuck up on us quickly. The fellows, or girls, on snow machines are having fun, as the snow is deep enough most places to be good riding.

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