COVID-19 shuts down community activities

The Borden Friendship Club held their regular business meeting March 11, with 17 members out. The annual meeting set for April 8 will be at 7 p.m., following the regular meeting. A nominating committee of Brenda Tumbach and Audrey Baker are busy getting names for the executive and committee positions. It was decided to have a donation box at the door when we have entertainment coming in from outside, as it is getting more expensive. The club is planning to go on a bus tour later on in the spring and go on the Wheatland Express that runs from Cudworth to Wakaw, but need more information. Alana Gunsch from the school community council was on hand to talk about an exercise program that Ashley Steacey teaches three days a week at the school at 6:30 a.m., 7:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m. and at 5 p.m. with the firemen. They would like to rent the seniors’ room at those times to better accommodate those taking part. Florence Neufeld and Lorraine Olinyk are to meet with the parks and recreation board to see if it is feasible and at what cost.

As of March 15, most activities in Borden for March have been cancelled – perogy making March16, St Pat’s luncheon March 17, kaiser on the March 17 and bingo March 18. The perogy supper March 20 has been postponed to a later date and the Lions district governor’s visit March 21 is also off. Borden Anglican and United Churches have cancelled services until April 5, while the Riverbend Fellowship services are still held in the seniors’ room. All of the church services at the care home have been cancelled for March and only family are allowed at the Borden Care Home. Borden School does not have hot lunches for now, but the breakfast program five days a week is still on as students and staff look after that. The school has a scheduled supper and talent night slated for April 1 in the Community Centre at 5:30 p.m., and that will be monitored daily to see if it is still on. The Borden Co-op supper slated for April 23, that the Lions were catering to, has been put on hold for now.

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Our granddaughter Rachel and her friend Abby have decided to stay in New Zealand for now, as New Zealand has put stringent rules on incoming visitors, so is probably safer than Canada right now. Bryan Pidwerbesky, my son, who was to come June 1for 10 days, may not be coming, especially if he has to go in to isolation here for two weeks then another two weeks when he gets home.


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