Cross-country ski trail set at golf course

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We are into 2021 and what it will bring is anyone’s guess. My best suggestion is to hope for the best and believe in everyone working to make this world a better place, including yourself.

A new cross-country ski trail has been created at the Unity golf course. Wilson Hill is still the go-to toboggan spot and the outdoor rink is operating, meaning you have some options to take advantage of the great outdoors. Mother Nature has certainly helped aid in this with the nice weather she has been delivering.

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The rink has seen the limited practices taking place, as well as public skate and shinny times. Both the hockey and curling sides of the arena await further updates next week from the government on how, when and if there will be continued seasons.

Because we all have more time on our hands, we have been able to see the transformation the exterior of our arena is undergoing. It won’t be an immediate noticeable change, but it is certainly a welcome one.

The Richardson Outdoor Recreation Park has seen action throughout winter.

Thank you to those who keep the walking paths clear, as they are being used this winter and residents are thankful for one ice-free space for walking.

School is back in session and we hope and ask for vigilance from the community to keep our staff and students in school. If there is anything that needs to continue during the pandemic, it is education, which not only builds the mind but keeps it healthy.

While our seniors’ centres expressed much thanks for all the kind gestures including loads of mail coming their way, we need to remember to continue these gestures until the current restrictions are eased. Drop a card or letter in the mail, make sure to wave as you walk by or give a call to someone you may know in one of these places.

Please check in with your community churches on their worship schedules, as some are strictly online while others need parishioners to book in to attend in-person service. Thank you to clergy who have had some added work load trying to accommodate both in-person and online services.

As this January evolves and we know it will be definitely slower than other years without the hockey tournaments, curling bonspiels, restart of all clubs and activities. We can use this time to catch up on the home to-do list, or take time to learn a new project or craft.

Merry Christmas to my Ukrainian friends and relatives.

For the first time in 25 years we didn’t get to celebrate Christmas with our daughter in person so we are once again grateful for technology, as it kept us as connected as we could be over the holidays. Not being able to take her out for traditional birthday supper on or around Jan. 4 was also odd, but again, we relied on Zoom and Facetime to help get us through these unusual times.

Here’s hoping everyone did what they should and could over the holidays and we won’t see a spike in cases once again. Stay the course folks, as with vaccines finally rolling out we should be seeing a finish line sometime this year.

This is a little shorter than the columns you may be used to, but as January evolves I know there will be more to share. Remember, keep distancing, masking up and taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Until next time ...


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