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The Borden Friendship Club held a cash bingo Feb. 20 with more than 25 out to play. Winning cash were Stella Hawryluk, Debbie Matte, Mary Werezak, Ilene Youchezin, Marcelle Derosier (2x), Lorraine Olinyk (2x) and Barb Leschyshyn. The $20 blackout went to Carly Ford. There will be one more bingo night – on March 20 at 7 p.m. in the Friendship Club Room.

The Orolow Ukrainian Catholic Church south of Krydor held their annual snowmobile rally Feb. 23 with 194 registered riders. Winning the big bucks were: 1st - Emma Shewchuk of Krydor - $1,000; 2nd - Richard Michalenko of Hafford - $660; 3rd - Russ Krysak of Krydor - $440. The 50/50 draw of $472 went to Bruce Larsen of Borden. There were a number of raffle prizes and lunch was sold throughout the rally.

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The Borden volunteer firefighters hosted a training session the weekend of Feb. 23 and 24 in the Borden Fire Hall. About 25 volunteer firefighters from Borden, Langham, Radisson and Maymont attended, taught by personnel from the Dalmeny firefighters. The Borden Friendship Club fed the group lunches for both days in their club room at no charge, serving soup, buns and goodies on Saturday and stew with homemade bread and goodies on Sunday.

Crown Hill 4-H Beef Club held their annual public speaking competition Feb. 23 at Hafford Ukrainian National Hall, with 16 members participating. Judges were Diane Jones, Tanya Dubyk, Sandi Hamp and Peter Kingsmill. MC was General Leader Richard Yasieniuk. All the members lined up at the front and repeated the 4-H pledge to begin the evening event and Richard introduced the judges. Members are Caybri Letkeman in Cloverbuds, Kara Dorion and Zayne Letkeman in Juniors, Courtney Yasieniuk, Cheyanne Roth, Boden Letkeman and Shalaya Umperville Bear in Intermediates and, in Seniors, Morgan, Jamie and Jessica Attrux, Kolten and Justin Yasieniuk, Abigail Roth, Hannah Remus, Cody Shumanski and Rachel Sutherland. First up was Kolten Yasieniuk who spoke about the crazy cold weather we have been having and how it affects those on the farm, then Zayne spoke about the Department of Natural Resources and Ministry of Environment, the rules and regulations of hunting and the protection of wildlife. Hannah was the next speaker and she told of her trip to Lima, Peru, the food, architecture and visiting an ancient Inca city. Kara talked about farming, how she loves the country, the work and fun times on the farm. Next up was Abigail who spoke on spinal muscular atrophy, the symptoms, no cure, but working on a new expensive drug that is helping people with SMA and hoping to get it under the drug plan so more can afford it. Caybri spoke of her favourite tiny fluff ball who was found stuck in a hole and how they nursed it back to health to become her favourite pet. Cody chose to talk about football and concussions that many players get in the sport. Courtney Yasieniuk spoke about procrastination – putting things off until later – and how to overcome this. Rachel spoke about Canada’s new food guide, global production of livestock and its sustainability, viability and proper management of the industry – if we take care of the animals they will take care of us. Boden spoke about being a cowboy and how you don’t always need a horse – a quad can work just as well working with cattle. He also spoke on how you have to be a vet, mechanic, electrician and so on when living on a farm. Justin spoke of the right and wrong way to get ready for your first date with a girl – good hygiene, clean truck, cell phone off and, lastly, take your wallet so you can pay the bill. Cheyanne chose as her topic stargazing and the solar system and she presented facts about all the planets and how some stars are 13 billion years old. Morgan talked about educating city folks on farming, where their food, milk, etc. comes from and facts about agriculture that many do not have a clue about. Shalaya spoke about working on the farm with her uncle, riding in the truck and learning all about calving. Jamie chose to talk about making bad decisions and drunk driving, giving stats on how many are killed by drunk drivers, are repeat offenders and still driving without a licence. The last speaker was Jessica, speaking about becoming a first time aunt with her sister having a new baby just before Christmas.  While the judges conferred, everyone enjoyed beverages and goodies, then the awards were handed out. The judges spoke about everyone doing a great job, how they have improved over the years, a good range of topics, most had good use of notes, some needed more eye contact with audience, but it is great to see them learning to speak at a young age. In Cloverbuds, Caybri was first (only entrant), in Juniors, Zayne was first with Kara second. In Intermediates, first was Courtney, second was Cheyanne and third was Boden. In Seniors, first went to Abigail, second went to Justin and third went to Jamie. Each of the winners received medallions and cash and everyone got a certificate. Crown Hill will be hosting District No. 29 speak offs and this will probably be March 14 at Hafford.

On Friday, March 1, St. John’s Anglican Church will host the World Day of Prayer with four churches participating – Anglican, United, Lutheran and Riverbend Fellowship. The worship service was prepared by the women of Slovenia, so a slide show will be on first with pictures of the country and then speakers will read of many women’s voices followed by lunch and beverages. Everyone is welcome to attend this service held all over the world on this day. Offerings to the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada is used for funding many projects in Canada and around the world. Grants are also awarded for justice projects.

In Motion and Blue Cross are doing a Go Out and Play Challenge the first part of March and many towns and villages in the area are planning to participate, with 40 chosen to take part in the province. First prize is $10,000 and second is $5,000. Individuals or families can get participant sign-in forms online at the Blue Cross Go Out and Play Challenge. Keep track of your outdoor activities (up to 120 minutes per day per individual). Borden is trying to win to add lights to the community playground and park, so everyone get out there and do something outside in the way of getting some exercise.

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