Elementary students tour Sarcan

Wilkie News

The Grade 4s from Norman Carter Elementary in Wilkie toured the Wilkie Sarcan Depot in co-ordination with the Wilkie Museum recently.

Students learned how much things were worth and got to be behind the counter to see what employees do when they come in. The students were also brought to the back and through the depot to see what happens behind the scenes when employees package and ship out what the Wilkie Sarcan depot receives.

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The students were also given a demonstration of the forklift placing a bin and tote into the trailer for shipping. They were given treat bags and juice and cookies from the Wilkie Museum.

What a great day for employees from the Wilkie Sarcan, Laurie Pongrantz, Todd Wirack and Helen Urlacher as well as the Grade 3 and 4 classes from Norman Carter Elementary School and the Wilkie Museum

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