Extreme cold causes some cancellations

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It is great to have a large German shepherd watchdog, who will stay outside in his warm doghouse even at -35 C. The hay on the floor of his pad keeps Maxell comfortable. His bark is loud even when his tail is wagging a 30 mph.

Due to extreme cold some schools and activities were cancelled. Facebook is a valuable tool to learn what activities are affected.

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Rabbit Lake arena was closed for the weekly skating and burger night. It is a natural ice building and the cold seems to soak into one’s bones.

Heaters in school buses don’t always work up to par in those conditions and, for safety reasons, it is best to keep the youngsters at home.

Kevin and Lauren Liebaert’s daughter, 13-year-old Danika, has been vaulting for seven years or more and is selling tickets for her club’s fundraiser.

Those who love cowboy poetry are in for a treat Feb. 1 at the Wildlife Federation building in North Battleford. Jason Hanley and Jimmy Beswell will entertain after the 6:30 p.m. supper. Tickets are $45.

On the subject of cowboys, Julie Ann and Jack Scott of Mullingar moved their cattle from a pasture by horseback. A few interested individuals, who love doing this type of chore, joined in.

On the way home from watching a grandson’s hockey game in Perdue three weeks ago, in between Struan and Sonningdale on a secondary highway, I came across a family of four young children riding horseback and keeping the cattle on the road. An adult woman, presumably their mother, was in a lead truck with flashing lights and behind the riders a man, presumably the father, in another truck. All went smoothly, I was behind schedule by 20 minutes, as I stopped on a field approach to watch them. Obviously I had to get off the road to let the cattle parade advance to their destination. Behind the last truck were two half-tons and three loaded gravel trucks who had to follow the procession. The expressions on the drivers’ faces were not of joy.

Ranchers’ work has to get competed, so others should have respect for that. We wait in lineups at Walmart sometimes for 15 minutes and I enjoy watching cattle drives much more.

Mayfair post office was broken into a week ago. Apparently Hafford, Rabbit Lake , Medstead and may others were also the victims of crime. The criminals are looking for interesting parcels and maybe important cheques arriving by mail. The cold weather, unfortunately, does not deter criminals.

There were approximately 400 people attending Norma Sherman’s funeral Jan. 17. They braved adverse weather to pay respect to the family. Hot soup and sandwiches were served, with much visiting among people who came great distances.

I have started bedding plants, which is early for me. I am hoping for an early spring so they can be transplanted into my garden. Nothing like hoping, during these blah months of winter, for the warm sunshine.


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