Fall supper season is relished by all

We are in the midst of fall suppers even in the smallest hamlets. With harvest taking forever to complete, some areas have bumped suppers into November. Here are a few of the dates to mark on your calendar: Wednesday, Oct. 9, Medstead School; Sunday, Oct. 20, Spiritwood Hall; Sunday, Oct. 20, Ranger, near Chitik lake and Leoville in a small hall, usually two settings; Wednesday, Oct. 23, Speers Hall; Sunday, Oct. 27, Glassland Hall; Saturday, Nov. 2, Mayfair Hall; Sunday, Nov. 3, Leoville Hall; Saturday, Nov. 9, Rabbit Lake Hall.

The Maymont Hall committee has decided to put on a supper, but with a different twist – a great twist! Dale Beaudoin, hall committee president, said they have hired a band called Cash Back from Rosetown to entertain the crowd at 7 p.m. in the hall. Supper will be from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $30 for both the meal and Johnny Cash tribute concert, or if you wish to eat only, it will be $20.

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In the past, the Sharon United Church had put on a great supper held in the school gymnasium, but decided not to hold one this year.

Many people thrive on dining out on delicious home-cooked meals, which usually include a variety of fresh garden produce, homemade pies and more. They will drive many miles to attend these wonderful fall events, which obviously include visiting with the local people. Friendships have been built over the years that these individuals cherish forever. City fall suppers are never quite the same as in a rural setting. The city folk can go for a leisurely scenic afternoon drive and can be enveloped by a nostalgic feeling. Can’t get any better than that!

Congratulations to a local person who won big on a 649 ticket recently purchased in Spiritwood. He is a hard worker and will spend his winnings wisely. I am always happy to know people who win on the lottery, especially individuals who do not sit around, do nothing much for a living and actually, “voila?” win.

Hooray for the senior boys Hafford School Vikings football team, for they have finished the regular schedule with all wins and no losses. Coach Ryan Barnstable, a teacher at Hafford School, has been successful with the team for the past few years. This is a great opportunity for students in the Blaine Lake, Mayfair, Speers and Hafford areas to experience the excitement and fun of tackle football. In November 2018, they won the 1A provincial finals with hard work and determination.

The Vikings will have a home game next Saturday, Oct. 19, the first in their playoffs. As of now, the time is undetermined. Apparently, in the past, there have been fireworks at the evening games. There is a large fan base for this hard-working team. The school has two teams, junior and senior, and if the seniors are winning by a big advance, the coach assigns the younger boys to step in and show everyone what they are capable of. Their website is haffordfootball.com.

The Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association Week is to recognize people involved in any facet with school sports, which will be the week of Oct. 14. Much appreciation to the kids themselves who are motivated to excellence in sports and the coaches, parents, fans and other individuals involved in any way.

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