Farmers making preparations for seeding

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Love those breezy, crisp spring mornings, as farmers are engaged in the work of getting the seeding equipment in tiptop shape. Farmers with small, eager children who want to hang out at or near the shops, are reminded to be aware of their presence. If one has hired hands, also tell them to be aware of our precious wee ones. Accidents occur in the blink of an eye.

Deepest sympathy to a former Mayfair resident who located to North Battleford 25 years ago. Brenda Gaywoski’s youngest son, 39, passed away suddenly in his Mervin home. Her other son, Derrick from Alberta, who was home to visit on Easter weekend, found Darren in his home. With restrictions on travel, the family had not been together for about a year.

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Many families are slowly achieving their long-awaited goal of reuniting, but now the nasty virus has ramped up again. It might take another year for things to normalize. Patience and more patience are required.

I travelled home a couple of weeks ago, so the grass will need raking, fertilizing and watering. The dry, hot desert is nice in winter, but the prairie landscape is breathtaking no matter what season. If only the coldest season wouldn’t be so bone chilling, the pristine white snow with hoar frost on tree branches is the ultimate scene when taking photos.

Get outside and enjoy this season’s activities of golfing, fishing, hiking and gardening.

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