Firefighters receive $10,000 gift for SCBA equipment

Borden / Radisson News

Congratulations to Mackinley Gader from Borden who competed at the Western Canada Summer Games in Swift Current and in Special Olympics  won gold in long jump, silver in 100m and 200m and bronze in shot put. Mackinley helped Saskatchewan place second in the standings with 213 medals overall.

The Borden Fire and Rescue all donned their gear along with some wearing the SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) on Monday, Aug. 19 for a special presentation. Affinity Credit Union with Peggy Walker and Daved Meakin from  Affinity CU council and Lynette Schmidt  representing the staff, presented the Borden Fire and Rescue with a donation of $10,000 from Affinity Credit Union Community Development Fund to help them purchase more SCBA equipment. On hand for the presentation were firefighters Inga Abrahamson, Jenna Bradshaw, dispatcher Mandy Tracksell, Fire Chief Ian Wainwright, Deputy Fire Chiefs Ian Tracksell and Dan Gunsch, Sean Steacy, Justin Bisson, Ross McBain, Dustin Bezugly, Martin Beal, Rob Schmidt, Jamie Brandrick, David Dolson, Peter Thiessen and BJ Berg. Absent but on the crew are Luke Walker, Craig Larsen and Connor Wainwright. The Borden Fire and Rescue cover RM of Great Bend, Village of Borden, Town of Radisson if needed, and the area along Highway 16 from the west side of the Borden Bridge to North Battleford, so have a lot of area to cover and often get called out at night to accidents or fires. The community appreciates all that these volunteer firefighters do and many of them are first responders, also, so it is not always fires or accidents they have to deal with.

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Summer is drawing to a close and the students will be back in school on Sept. 3 for a new term and we wish them all the best for the upcoming year. The Borden Friendship Club members have their August potluck supper and birthdays on Aug. 28, then they are invited to Radisson Senior’s for Sept. 5 supper and program.

Congratulations to Jordan and Jeanette Hauck of Borden on the birth of their son Finn on Aug. 16, a new brother for Ivy, and a new grandson for Earl and Laura Unruh of Borden.


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