Fireworks display a welcome pandemic diversion

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Hello 2021 and goodbye to 2020. It will be a year we will all well remember and it will go down in history.

The Battlefords were treated to some lovely fireworks on New Year’s Eve. They were bight and loud and lit up the sky in the King Hill area. A big thank you goes out to organizers for making it all possible. Roads close to the hill were full of vehicles full of people watching the spectacle. From our home in Battlefords West Place we were able to enjoy the whole show.

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Light up the Village at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford had a good run. They would like to thank all those who took the time to drive through and make donations. The drive through ended Jan. 9. It is sad to hear they had a break-in on the grounds with damage done and articles stolen.

Sympathy goes out to the Smith family on the recent passing of Kenneth (Smitty) Smith of North Battleford. He passed away Dec. 20 at the age of 73. Those Were the Days at the WDM were his pride, as he drove an antique tractor in the parade of power for the past few years. Celebration of life will take place at the Meota Cemetery at a later date.

We welcome new tenants to Battlefords West Place. Among them is Joan Harrison on the second floor. One evening between Christmas and New Year she hosted a musical evening, playing her keyboard to entertain all on her floor. She set up in her doorway. Everyone on the floor came out of their doors and sat to listen to her play for an hour. She has done the same for those on higher floors. Thank you, Joan. It was such a lovely break during COVID-19 restrictions. We all needed a change.

COVID-19 continues to have the province in its grip. A vaccine is coming but it will take some time to reach everyone. Just take care. Wear your mask and follow the health rules. We all hope for the best in 2021. Time will tell.

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