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The focus on agriculture during these trying times is highlighted tremendously, because we all have to eat to survive. In agriculturally based sectors, there is co-operation ensuring the safety of our food production. Agriculture is getting this important task done, from grain companies, rail lines and down to the hard-working farmers. Also, the trucking industry has maintained its services. Semi traffic seems more prevalent on the highways. At times, while travelling to Saskatoon on Highway 16, there are actually more big trucks than other vehicles. The food production and delivery system is working harder than ever to keep grocery shelves well stocked.

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When will Phase 4 of reopening be introduced in our province? The beginning of July sounds promising and the local library is expected to open in the next phase. This will probably a gradual process and stringent socializing rules will remain in place. But how good it will be to see the smiling face of Teresa Towes, the main librarian. A big thank you to Carol Dewing, who donated many volunteer hours at Mayfair branch. We will miss her smiling face, cheerfulness and willingness to lend a hand.

The early evening of June 13 was not a good one for our son Ryan, who farms a couple miles west of Mayfair. He was riding his quad in a field when the machine tipped while going down a hill. At the bottom of the hill was a body of water. The machine toppled on top of his body, breaking a hip and femur. While waiting for Spiritwood Ambulance, his partner Melissa comforted him and gave moral support while he was lying on the cold wet ground for more than two hours. He was transported to Battlefords Union Hospital and then by ambulance to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. Emergency surgery was completed by Sunday noon. Of course, with the pandemic, no visitors are allowed. Ryan is getting physiotherapy and will need to adjust to his injuries over a healing period of four to five months. Not a good situation when there is spraying of crops to completed, but hired men will step up and the job will get done.

This ordeal would have been tragic and he is a fortunate individual. Accidents occur so quickly, but cellphones can be lifesavers. Although STARS transport was considered, it was deemed unwise to use the air ambulance because of strong winds.

Get well wishes to Ryan, and to Valarie Taylor for Mullingar, who is recovering for a minor but painful incident this past weekend.

Recent rainfall has made it safe for rural folks to burn garbage in secure barrels with proper screens. Anyone planning a controlled burn of grass or brush must first report to 1-866-404-4911. The number is answered 24/7. This information will be asked for: legal land location and rural municipality number, fire service provider, location and burning information, length of hours of burning and contact information.

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